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September 30th 2016
Published: September 30th 2016
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Three beautiful sunny days, flat terrain, riding along the Adige and Po rivers, the Po delta with farms and wildlife reserves teeming with birds (and mosquitos), two short ferry rides on the last day, and arrival in Ravenna to end the first six-day biking segment. Sixty miles Chioggia to Ferrara, 40 miles there to Comacchio, and 35 here to Ravenna. Except for the swarm, huge, dense swarm, of mosquitos for about 30 minutes today along the lagoon south of Comacchio, this was all very pleasant riding. Apparently, Dante died in Ravenna of malaria. The abundance of mosquitos makes it clear how that could have happened.

The food just gets better with each day. We will have more to say about that, eventually.

Today will be more touring of early Christian sites, with great mosaics in Ravenna, followed by an evening train to Florence and two days there before getting back on the bikes to take on the challenge of the Tuscan hills. Several days off of the bikes will be welcome. We've biked about 230 miles from Trieste so far.

Finally, as a follow-up to the previous post, I can report that we heard back from Bike Friday regarding the wbreak in my frame. They suspected that it had developed a crack, which then broke.The rust was not from inside the frame, but rather came after the crack started. they are confident that the weld will last for the duration of our trip, and they say they will check it out and do more if needed after we get back. So all is good. Also, when we arrived in Ravenna, we went to Cicli di Buono, definitely a good bike shop, to purchase a new, wider, tire to replace the narrow spare that I've been using since the blowout. The shop owner manufactures bicycles, and he posed for a photo with one for me, after replacing my tire.

Few words in this post, but many photos. Enjoy.

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1st October 2016

The food, the food! What about the food! Very jealous that we are not there. Great and entertaining writing as usual from the KitKat team. Jim and Teresa
6th October 2016

Keep on enjoying
Looks like you are seeing some amazing sights and enjoying amazing weather too!

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