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September 23rd 2009
Published: September 24th 2009
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And wouldn't you know it I never even had a plate of spaghetti here! I did however stay with my very first Couch Surfing host Fabrizio for 2 days. It's a strange feeling staying in someone elses house, especially when they have housemates. It was great to have locals to talk to though (believe it or not I haven't actually met many Italians on this trip!). I spent the first day exploring the city (Fabrizio wasn't feeling very well so he didn't join me). I went to the Basilica San Petronia and they had some highly decorated and golen display goblets with bits of bones or teeth in them. It was a bit gruesome actually because the bones looked hideous against all the decoration around them. It turns out they are body parts from various saints! Ew.

I also explored The Municipal Art Collection in Palazzo D'Accursio. The best part was the last room where they had painted all the walls to look like a beautiful garden. It even had a painted fountain! All it needed was the sound of water and a stone bench for me to sit on and it would have been perfect. There was a lovely
Fountain 2Fountain 2Fountain 2

I found the women around the base of this fountain hillarious!
stone sculpture in the centre of the room as well. Very cool.

Went to see Fabrizio's room mate do a gig with his jazz trio at a cafe that night. Loved the music but it's very funny hearing it in Italian! Next day Fabrizio showed me the Jewish quarter of town and a fantastic gelati place. I never knew I liked pistachio icecream so much!

Did you know that Bologna has it's own leaning tower? Not half as pretty as the one in Pisa though. Apparently there used to be heaps of tall towers built as status sybols and a means of defence but only 2 survive. Imagine the skyline back then!

Overall Bologna didn't do much for me though. I don't think I'm so fussed about the bigger cities here.


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