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January 15th 2011
Published: January 15th 2011
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pretty :)

Last part of orientation!

So on our very last few days of orientation, my semester start up program took us on a trip to Glendalough and county Wicklow.

Glendalough is a valley in between the Wicklow mountains known for its medieval monastic settlement. It was full of graves, crosses, and old monastery type things. Pretty much from the beginning of orientation, everyone we told that we were going told us good luck with the weather as it is always raining. Well we got extremely lucky as we got one of the very few nice days! It was really windy but still much more enjoyable without the rain.

After looking around all the monastery grounds we took the bus to the county wicklow that is just a small town by the sea an hour or so south of Dublin. Me and a few friends trekked around, ate some lunch (with lots of chips), and then we all got a tour of the Wicklow Gaol (jail). We got to hear all of the history of the jail and had even seen a play involving that jail a few nights prior. (The play was called Arrah Na Pogue and it was basically centered around the rebellion against the British)

Other than that, I've pretty much still just been getting to know the people, exploring the pubs, and still trying to get accustomed to life here in Dublin. And as of yesterday I also found a way to get my first cold here which kinda sucks but I'm going to rest up and have as much vitamin C as possible to hopefully feel better before classes on Monday.

I'm still trying to get all of my classes approved so I'm not entirely sure what I will be taking but as of now I'm hoping for political philosophy, moral philosophy, a religion class called contemporary ethical issues (basically centered around catholic ireland and the rest of europe and how their religious views affect certain issues like stem cell research or abortion), and hopefully for my filler class I can take an Irish literature class. After hearing all of our orientation lectures I would love to read Joyce or Jonathan Swift. If not irish literature though, I will probably try and take either an Irish history class or a broader European history class. I want to take at least one class about Ireland!

That's about it for now, I will probably be busy with class stuff in the next week or so but I will update again as soon as I have any stories.

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31st January 2011

Lauren, I'm LOVIN' your blog!!! We had dinner with your family last night & your mom said all I have to do is check your blog site periodically for updates... Too cool. Thought you had to send me a separate email.....but now I can watch what you're doin' and where you're goin'!!! I LOVE IT!!!! You certainly are soaking up tons of info and experiences. Keep up the news. We're with you in spirit!!!! XOXOXOXOX Love, Gma Sue :)

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