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July 26th 2008
Published: July 26th 2008
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Hello everyone! I'm still in Ireland, now in Dingle and just enjoying my last few days here! I was supposed to go to Cork but ended up meeting a great group to travel with and we all cancelled our seperate plans to come here to Dingle together. It is BEAUTIFUL. Probably the most scenic place yet. Too bad I don't have a camera! but it's ok because the people I'm with are taking tons of pictures and they are going to send them to me. So I just signed up for Skype....just go to and sign up. It's free and if you have a headset with a microphone, I can talk to you for free! I just thought it was cool and convenient for anyone who has one! Otherwise, i can call for two cents a minute. The number comes up unavailable though so make sure you answer those if I call your cell!!!! Well I don't have much time here on the internet but I just wanted to post an update and say hello. I'll write more about this amazing two-day adventure with 4 Italians, 2 Canadians, Two Enlishmen, 1 German, and me, The AMERICAN. Which I get a ton of shit for by the but everyone I have met so far says "I hate Americans, but I like you" haha so that's a good thing I guess!! I'll talk toyou soon! xoxox!!!


26th July 2008

Wats going on hun
Wats going on hun sounds like ur haveing a fucking blast.... Have fun and be safe.... ps Drink one for me!!!!!!!
26th July 2008

I'm soo glad that you're having a ball there. i can't wait to see pictures(So buy a new camera)! Oh yeah i want ATLEAST one postcard.....maybe from your favorite country?!?! But Skpe is the program that i used to talk to matt all the time with. I couldn't visit him so we would use the cameras to "see" each other. It was so cool, not the same as in person but def. better than nothing. Miss you!!
27th July 2008

fun stuff going on
we're all enjoying your trip - but not the way you are - can't believe you're really there and so glad you're meeting all (nations) of people. the benefit was great for joannie - sure you'll hear from your mom. Keep writing. love, gram
27th July 2008

I downloaded that skype thing.. don't really know what its all about but I would love to talk to you at some point!

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