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June 6th 2013
Published: June 6th 2013
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<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Day 22 – Dunchin

I thought we were heading to Dingle today but looking at our accommodation a little closer we were going through Dingle to Dunchin. Little did we know that this is the most western point of Ireland. Also a little off the beaten track. The roads were barely wide enough to fit two cars through side by side. We were physically breathing in every time we passed something thinking it would somehow make the car skinnier. Still got both wing mirrors though. Hoorah! The scenery here is completely different to what I’ve seen of Ireland so far. It’s mountainous with winding roads and the ocean stretching out everywhere. We found this cool little stream that leads to the ocean and all the rocks/boulders surrounding it were different shades of purple. The tide was coming in so there were some spectacular waves crashing right in front of us.

We seem to have developed a type of cabin fever. Anything sets us off into fits of giggles. I am trying not to giggle just writing this and there’s nothing particularly funny. Mum’s stomach keeps making strange noises and I lose it every time it happens. Especially if other people are around. I just told mum what I was writing about and we both lost it again. It’s becoming a problem.

<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Day 23 – Kenmare

We drove through Killarney National Forest to get to Kenmare today rather than take the Ring of Kerry road. It’s well worth a look if you’re ever thinking of travelling to this area of Ireland. The national forest is huge with a massive lake in it. Mountains on every side and great lookouts for picture taking. For part of the drive the trees reach from both sides of the road creating a green canopy. Just lovely.

Kenmare is a small to medium sized town. It has two main streets with lots of B&B’s and pubs. I really liked it. I could have stayed here another couple of days easily. For dinner we picked a pub that was going to have live traditional music. We hadn’t had any Irish music or dance experiences yet so we stayed put until the one man band kicked off. He was a great performer. He got the crowd clapping and singing along. I even knew some of the tunes surprisingly. Just a good old fashioned sing-a-long with me and all the oldies. Baha!

<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Day 24 – Cork

We went a bit wayward today rather than our usual direct route to the next town. We had a bit of a drive around the Ring of Beara, then through Bantry and onto Cork. I’m not too fussed on Cork. I haven’t taken my camera out at all while I’ve been here. Nothing much to see or do apart from shop. It’s a bit like Dublin just smaller. Same same but different.

Weather update – starting to get warmer. Shoulders were actually exposed today. Yes indeed.

<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Day 25 – Cobh

Cobh is a quaint little town built on the side of a hill overlooking the water. They have a massive cathedral considering the size of the town. To get anywhere you have to climb the hill or take a few flights of stairs. Good exercise anyway. Cobh is famous for being the last port of call for the Titanic before it sunk.

<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Day 26 – Rosslare

We drove through Waterford and had a bit of a shop this morning. Waterford is the oldest town in Ireland or so the signs say. We got a suggestion to go to Kilmore Quay so headed out there around 9pm. The sun was still up of course. Got some nice photos of the sun peaking through the clouds. We’re in Rosslare tonight to catch the ferry back to Wales in the morning. Praying for calm seas all the way.

<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Day 27 – Swansea - Wales

Lovely ferry crossing today. It was extremely calm actually compared to the last one. The water was flat as. The boat put Les Mis on the screens to watch too. Score! As soon as we hit land we drove to Swansea. It has a newly developed docks area with posh apartments and warehouses that have been turned into restaurants. It reminding me a bit of the Powerhouse and Sanctuary Cove but it’s still in the early stages. It was very quiet considering it was the weekend.

<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Day 28 – Bristol – England

I LOVE BRISTOL!!! This place is awesome. It has such a young funky vibe. Our hotel is near a floating harbour<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;"> and it has every type of boat in it… catamarans, ferries, canal boats, row boats, steam boats, and pirate type ships (whatever they’re called – frigates maybe). There is an old railway track with rusty trains still on it, modern apartment blocks, cobbled streets mixed with new paved entertaining areas. There’s a huge mixture of restaurants, museums, aquarium, science centre, planetarium and more. I walked past cyclists, skateboarders, joggers, couples getting engagement photos and groups of friends just sitting along the edge of the water having a picnic dinner in the sun. There was some live music coming from a marquee and seagulls squawking up above. Best city I’ve been to so far and only half an hour from Bath. I’m gonna actually head out for a morning run tomorrow along the docks. It inspires me to exercise. Ha! This town is magic.


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