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May 8th 2010
Published: May 9th 2010
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1: Protest March 29 secs
2: Greenland Snow Covered Mountains 15 secs

Waiting at the Dayton International Airport.
Well we made it!
We were on pins and needles all week even when we arrived at Philly, we just never felt 100% that the plane was going to take off.
Our connecting flight in Philly was a little nerve wracking, that airport is huge!
We had to take a shuttle from the gate we landed to our departing gate to Dublin.
It was a matter of min. that we got to the gate that they started boarding.
The plane food was AWFUL...we barely slept, I think I got about two hours.
Feel asleep around 11pm and woke up to the sun coming up and it was only like 1am back home.
We had some amazing views from the plane. We had to go up over Greenland and Iceland to dodge the ash cloud.
The views were spectacular! Huge snow covered mountains in Greenland and 150 miles from the volcano. We could see the ash plume. AMAZING.
After checking into our hotel, we searched for a place to grab a quick bit to eat. There is this pub next door to the hotel called Harry Lemon.
We enjoyed our first official pint of Guinness IN Ireland! I had the Beef &

Flying over Greenland. Amazing views. We saw the volcano. We were about 150 miles away from it.
Guinness and Jared had Fish & Chips. The food was SO good!
Learned chips are fries and crisps are what we call chips. ;p
We had a walking tour set @ 2pm with Pauline. We walked through Trinity College, witnessed a protest, Grafton Street, The Parliment Building and the many squares in Dublin. Dublin is a hustling and busling city. Very busy.
After our tour Jared and I walked down to the River Liffey and through Temple Bar. I think people here drink and eat all day long.
Stopped back at Harry Lemon for a pint, nachos and i had a bailey's cheesecake.
Came back to the hotel and crashed, SO tired.

This morning we went down to the hotel restaurant for our first Irish breakfast.(May 9)
Scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, black & white pudding, some kind of toast that reminded me of the pita bread that you get with humus at the Greek restaurant, and this other sausage looking thing. Overall it was good. I wasnt brave enough to try the pudding. I smelled it ;p it smelled very peppery. Today we are going to go to the Brewery and maybe do a little shopping on
Brooks HotelBrooks HotelBrooks Hotel

Our bathtub was a huge step up, I almost needed a step stool to get in. ;p
Grafton St. I would also like to make it to Dublin Castle and St. Patricks Cathedral.

Additional photos below
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Brooks HotelBrooks Hotel
Brooks Hotel

The hairdryer looks like a vacuum cleaner attachment.
Brooks HotelBrooks Hotel
Brooks Hotel

This is our room at the Brooks hotel.
Hairy LemonHairy Lemon
Hairy Lemon

Hairy Lemon Pub
First GuinnessFirst Guinness
First Guinness

Aprils first Guinness at Hairy Lemon.
Our first mealOur first meal
Our first meal

This was so relaxing. First Guinness together in Ireland with a great meal after the awful airplane food.
 Beef and Guinness Stew Beef and Guinness Stew
Beef and Guinness Stew

Aprils Beef Guinness Stew. Amazing!
Cheese CakeCheese Cake
Cheese Cake

Hairy Lemon for a Baileys Cheese Cake and Guinness.
Mayor ChillsMayor Chills
Mayor Chills

Where the Mayor Hangs out.
Georgian DoorGeorgian Door
Georgian Door

When the Queen died the UK wanted everyone to paint their doors black out of rebellion Ireland painted theirs every color possible. Beautiful.

City view while walking. Pretty busy.
Oscar WildeOscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde
Oscar WildeOscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde staring at where he grew up. 1 of 2 colored stone statue in Europe.

These are called Squares. They are wonderful to hang out at with friends and chat.

Ummmm . We can not remember what this is. All we know is that there is a Irish Song about her. She is a lil friendly if you know what I mean.
Bank of IrelandBank of Ireland
Bank of Ireland

Old Parliament turned bank. It is an active bank today. No windows because there used to be a tax on windows but they do have a glass rooftop.
North and SouthNorth and South
North and South

This is the Liffey River that divides the city, North and South. We are staying on the southe side. They say you need your passport to go to the north. Joke.:)
Trinity College Bell TowerTrinity College Bell Tower
Trinity College Bell Tower

Trinity College Bell Tower legand says it only rings when a virgin walks under it.
Trinity CollgeTrinity Collge
Trinity Collge

15,000 student attend Trinity College

10th May 2010

I'm loving the pics and recaps. Keep them coming! Love you both!
10th May 2010

Love it!
I love this travel blog and love seeing you two enjoy yourselves. Take in all the beauty and make the most of it! :-)
10th May 2010

Im so excited for you guys and LOVE hearing all about it! PIcs and vids are great! have a pint for me!

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