August 8 - KInsale - Compass Hill walk

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August 8th 2012
Published: August 11th 2012
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August 8 – Kinsale – Compass Hill

I caught a taxi from the hostel to “The Mall” which is a road above the green that connects with the Compass Hill walk.

As I was going to walk around Compass Hill I knew that would be enough and so just caught a cab to the alms houses intending to walk up the hill from there. The cab cost €6 and was well worth it as while I like taking a walk, climbing steep streets and steps is another matter. In any case the weather was fair with a bit of clouds and haze but not too bad. I hiked around the hill and it was quite a pleasant hike although only the first half had a view and the rest had the view blocked by property owner walls and shrubs. Still , the first half was quite nice. If I had it to do over I would just walk up to where the high wall starts by the B & B and then walk back down the same way. Or I could taken the cab to the top of Compass Hill and walk back down and into town.

The Compass Hill walkThe Compass Hill walkThe Compass Hill walk

actually a road so a person could take a cab up to the B & B where the wall starts and walk back down.
walking around Compass Hill I walked across town on Blindgate road to Butcher’s Row which had a little park with a bench that I took a break on and rested a bit. Then I walked down the street to Guardwell Street and on to Main Street where I stopped to eat at the Fishy Fishy Shop. I decided to try something different and so had pan fried mackerel with chips and tea.

After eating I eased down to the harbor and relaxed on a bench a bit while enjoying the view. Then after a good rest and letting my dinner digest I eased back up the hill to the hostel.

Another very good day.

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Fishy Fishy shopFishy Fishy shop
Fishy Fishy shop

Not as pricey as Fishy Fishy restaurant
The end of another good dayThe end of another good day
The end of another good day

After eating my dinner I relaxed by the harbor a bit and then eased back up the hill to the Dempsey Hostel.

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