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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale October 4th 2018

Headed out this morning on a brilliant walking tour of historic Kinsale by local Barry Moloney. Amusing, delightful, and highly informative. Points of interest included the Lusitania graveyard in this quaint historic town. After the tour, took a long walk around Compass Hill, with a breathtaking view of the harbor and James Fort and Charles Fort. Walked back around the harbor to our place for refreshment before heading out tonight for dinner and some music Great seafood for dinner at Jim Edwards — oven roasted salmon and pan seared hake — followed by a couple of stops at pubs for some traditional music sessions.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale October 3rd 2018

After checking out of our Cork B&B this morning, we drove south to Kinsale, a town on a beautiful harbor that opens up to the Atlantic Ocean. We arrived about two hours early at our recently renovated vintage cottage — originally dates back to about 1840 — so we decided to take a long walk out to the historic Charles Fort. Toured the fort, strategically built to protect the harbor, then headed back and stopped for lunch at a cool neighborhood pub, Bulman's. Sharon’s cream of butternut squash soup was heavenly. Checked, moved, and settled in at our place high on a bluff in the Scilly neighborhood — yes, indeed, it’s pronounced Silly — then walked around town to get oriented, check out restaurants and pubs, and pick up a few breakfast and lunch groceries. Had ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale August 7th 2017

Paddywagon Tours drove us through Cork enroute from Blarney to Kinsale. We did see a fair amount of the city from the motorcoach, though we did not have the opportunity to walk it. The River Lee flows though Cork and several attractive bridges cross the river. Our guide was proud that Cork has more tall buildings than Dublin! Cork is is also famous as the home of Murphy's Brewery and its Murphy's Stout (now owned by Heineken Ireland). South of Cork city is Kinsale, a picturesque harbour town at the mouth of the River Brandon. Our first stop was at Charles Fort for a scenic overlook of the harbour. Charles Fort was established in 1682 to defend Kinsale harbour. The companion James Fort (1607) can be seen on a promontory across the harbour. Charles Fort remained ... read more
Murphy's Brewery
Cork City Hall
The Elysian

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale April 14th 2017

After a good night’s sleep in our comfy efficiency, we had a good breakfast and headed to the University College of Cork (UCC). Very nice campus with a mix of new buildings in with the very much older buildings. Very nice job of blending the old and the new. George Boole , the father of boolean algebra, taught at UCC for a number of years. Then it was on to Fitzgerald Park along the River Lee. There, Kathy and I toured the local museum consisting of Cork’s role in the 1916 Irish uprising as well as fragments of history dating as far back as 750 AD. As we worked our way west of the city we found ourselves strolling along some narrow winding roads in the midtown district with small Apts and shops. A stop for ... read more
Kathy on Shakey Bridge
Charles Fort
Port at Kinsale

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale June 25th 2016

Geo: 51.7064, -8.5233Today we took a long walk (over two miles one way) all the way to Charles Fort on the opposite side of the harbor. Most of the way was the Scilly Walk which wound through trees and seaside homes and offered lovely views of the water. When we reached the end of the footpath, we had another half mile or so to go on the high road which was all uphill to get to Summercove and the fort. At the fort, we purchased Heritage Cards that can be used at several of the sites we plan to visit this trip. Twenty euros each for seniors, and they are good for a year at about fifty places that charge anywhere from one to thirteen euros for admission. We plan to go to enough of them ... read more
Start of the Scilly Walk
Green Island
Scilly Walk

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale June 24th 2016

Geo: 51.7064, -8.5233After sleeping late, we found breakfast in the hotel was still being served so we started the day there. We went for a walk for an orientation to the town. We found some restaurants that I had seen online from home and asked the desk clerk to make reservations for us. Natasha was really helpful making reservations for tonight at the Steakhouse and tomorrow night at Fishy Fishy. They both have lots of good reviews. Still getting over jetlag, we did not want to do too much today. We walked around some, found a pharmacy to buy eyedrops for Phil (something here is bothering his allergies), ate lunch, and took the afternoon harbor cruise. It was a bit over an hour long and circled clockwise around staying in the harbor the whole time. From ... read more
Fort Charles
Riding the Spirit of Kinsale Harbour Cruise
Fort Charles

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale June 23rd 2016

Geo: 51.7064, -8.5233The overnight flight was not the best we've had, but not terrible. There was a fair amount of low-level turbulence, and the pilot kept the seat belt sign on for long stretches of time including over half of the nine-hour flight. We had an empty seat between us on the flight. A woman did sit there for a few minutes during boarding, but she saw two empty seats together against the window and moved over there. It is always nice to be able to spread out a little. Yesterday, Bill texted the Service Manager and at least one of the other flight attendants on our flight to ask them to look out for us and take care of us. Near the end of the flight, Kaolipalani(sp?) stopped by to welcome us and offered us ... read more
View from Our Actons Hotel Room Window
View from the Room at the Actons Hotel
Room at the Actons Hotel

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale July 24th 2013

I seemed to have picked up Lindsay’s cold bugs and as the day wore on, mine got steadily worse. Add to that the gloomy weather, it didn’t make for a pleasant day. The weather wasn’t looking promising but we headed off for Kinsale and Cork on the coast for the day anyway. We took the ring road around Cork and headed off to Kinsale where it was already raining. We remember Kinsale from years ago in the 70’s when we went there with the Tindalls. It is a really pretty seaside resort. Today it was less than inspiring. The tide was out, there were cars and people everywhere and it was raining. We did get to walk some of the town and had a really good seafood chowder at a Pub. We wondered what the crowd ... read more
The Lee River at Cork
Sean Tierney's Bar at Clonmel

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale July 17th 2013

Day 5 We started our day with a killer breakfast and then off to the Jameson distillery for our tour. Very interesting to see all the old buildings and see how they make Irish whiskey. And, we got do do some "sampling" (at 11am). Then we were off to the town of Cobh ( pronounced "cob"). This is where a lot of emigrants left for other countries and also the last port of call for the Titanic. We also stopped by the St. Coleman's cathedral. Next we went to the city of Cork (in County Cork (the locals pronounce it Caaahhhk), and walked around a bit and went to the Old English market. There we found cheese,fish,meats,etc. we bought some local cheese, an Irish cheddar and a blue, very tasty, and a sausage sandwich for lunch. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale July 16th 2013

Day 4 Well,quite the exciting day today! We started by going to the Blarney Castle to kiss the ol Blarney Stone. And we were all successful. Very cool gardens on the grounds too. We then went to the welcoming area and lo (thats "low" in Irish)and behold there was a bar, and they had "stout challenge" (they give you 3 different stouts and you try to figure out which was which), and the five of us who participated got them all correct! Amazing. Then the real adventure began. We went to Bandon, the city where Janet's family came from. We went to their heritage center and met a man who helped us find the family farm. We were just going to ride by, but the Cummins family was so excited to see the relatives from America ... read more

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