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July 15th 2008
Published: July 15th 2008
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Wow, what a trip we have been on the last few days! We managed to hitch rides out of Limerick (we caught a bus to Limerick from Dublin) on the 12th I think. We made it to the town of Dingle, which is super cute. But one of the fellows who drove us part of the way was a tour guide in the Dingle penisula. He told us we should go to the Blasket Islands off the town of Dunquin. So the next day we hitched there because the busses wern't running. We caught a water taxi accross with the intention of spending the night on this deserted island with it all to ourselves.
However there were a couple of 'Grand' Irish girls camping there. They invited us over for some drinks and we took them up on it. The island is beautiful! We will post pictures of it when we can. Anyway, the girls said they would give us a ride to where ever we wanted, so we went back to Dingle to get our bearings. They showed us a Hurling match which was very fun to watch. We ended staying there one more night where we were introduced to a drink called Buckfast. It is terrible... but it really keeps you going! So we cooked a stirfry and went to the local pub for some trad music. At the pub we met a couple of very rich English folks. The fellow, Paul, invited us back to his yacht for some whisky if we provided the music. The girls who picked us up just happened to play a bit of guitar and spoons! So Paul and his wife (who is a magistrate!) fed us very expensive whisky while we all sang and listened to music. What a blast!
The next day, very hung over, we dragged ourselves to Cork where we picked up another fellow named Martin (the car was getting very full now) and went camping on the beach in Kinsale. Another georgeous Irish port town.
Now Alex and I have split with these girls and are in Cork by ourselves. We will spend the night here and head to Dublin to meet mom tomorrow.
I'm starting to get a bit homesick, so we are tring to keep very busy. We think we will go to the gaol here today once we are clean and showered. One of these days we will also have to do some laundry.


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