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August 14th 2012
Published: August 14th 2012
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Some menus from our trip....

From the Reykyavikur restaurant "Fiskfélagið" = "The Fish Company"

Rock salted beer glazed salmon & langoustine salad, fennel jam, frozen cucumber, Icelandic kryddbrauth (rye bread)

Grilled beef rib eye and pork cheek, sweet onion jam, pepper sauce, bearnaise paste and fries

Blueberry skyr mousse & blueberry muffin with caramelised almond, yoghurt skyr paste and home made marshmallow (skyr is a cultured cheese sort of halfway between mascarpone and yoghurt)

From the Greenlandic buffet:

Sashimi of Greenlandic halibut

Greenlandic shrimp (very small but very tasty; when unpeeled almost universally pregnant)

Dried fish (no thanks - like chewing on a rubber tyre but not as nice)

Sushi with shrimp (yum)

Smoked whale (looks like dark prosciutto)

Salted scallops

Halibut terrine


Mattak (whale blubber)

Seal soup (for the record seal is the darkest, bloodiest, yukkiest looking meat ever, with a strong flavour and looks most unappealing)

Reindeer stew

Musk ox fillet

Leg of Greenlandic lamb

Onions, leek and angelica

Baked Greenlandic halibut

Barley with salted heart of lamb

Whale steak

Creme brulee with crowberry (we would call them bilberries I think)

Angelica fromage (angelica is a local herb - very soft mint flavour)

The reason we had steak at the fish restaurant was that we had had enough seafood (in particular halibut) to sink a fish.


15th August 2012

What happens if you don't like fish, can't bring yourself to eat one of Santa's helpers and are just having a massive craving for bangers and mash?
16th August 2012

WHALE? seriously. yuck
26th August 2012

The foods are amazing
Glad you are enjoying your trip as much as we are. It is fantastic.

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