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July 1st 2008
Published: July 1st 2008
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so i spent a lot of time today on iceland airs fine selection of planes.
three to be precise. all with different stewardesses and such...
a few things came to my attention as i was seated on this fine airplane i payed over 1400$ for a seat on..
one. everytime i fly on iceland air, the flight seems to be over night.
i have a few theories on this involving lazy flight attendants....i never saw one until i got off the plane in rekyavik from toronto that evening....like 8 hours and didnt see a stewardess...only darkness and stinky old man beside me.

two. the answer for everything related to iceland, is yes. like will my connection flight still be in rekyavik even though this flight is two hours late? yes. when really they mean no.
the answer to everything not related to iceland, is, i cant speak english. such as, does this mimosa's orange juice have pulp in it? .....*smiling and they turn down the aisle*

the people working for iceland air though, sure do love what they do and where they're from which was a change from air canada....two dollars for peanuts. and they weren't even salted...

anywho a note on the CDG airport in paris. it was designed by garden gnomes. gnomes that enjoy a bubbles eye view of life in the ant hill. there are tunnels with sloping walking escalators for no reason at all, everywheres!
why walk over to your luggage when we can shove you down a moving sidewalk into a serious of tunnels covered in red bubble like stickers? isnt this fun and french?

ps if you're over 6 feet. u will have to crouch on the moving sidewalks to fit through said tunnels.
also when one steps onto her first train in europe she does not expect to see a dead golden lab on the tracks in post riga mortus stage.
don't you pay someone to clean up the tracks? no?
ok...moving on

i now live in a convent. it is attached to a church. girls only.
lights out at 10pm.
my space in the freezer is locked by our gate keeper. and only she may unlock it.
i look out onto my window at the roof of the church and over the whole city.
there is an owl there, hes been there for about 2 hours by now.
he's pretty cool. his white eyes remind me of bambi.
but he's like bad ass and french and smoking in the train.
which doesn't stink up anyones hair or anything.

i will say this though, considering how gross i looked travelling today. and it was bad. the people in france are like super sweet and nice. they consistently helped me with my bags on and off the train, just like random ppl who picked it up before i even struggled. one man in fact gave me a dirty look for trying to pick it up myself. so sweet
and then when i got to the train station in angers, this couple that had been with me since the airport insisted on driving me to the convent, i declined, cause like ewww i've seen hostel the movie and i was a dehydrated mess at this point.

oh god. these two cars of 'men' just drove by with bugles, hanging out there car, playing songs and singing along.
good old angers. what adventures we have in store for one another!


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