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August 11th 2018
Published: August 11th 2018
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A lazy start to the day, although I did have to pack my bags as I was moving to a new hotel day. i went down for breakfast at 9:00am and enjoyed the fact that I didn't need to rush today. After breakfast I finished my packing and headed down to check out at 11:15, as I needed to get to the #10 bus stop by 11:30 for my transfer to the Blue Lagoon.

Today the weather has turned cold and there is the Icelandic mist - not quite rain but you still get wet! I waited for a while at the bus stop and eventually the bus arrived. This bus just transported us to the main bus station, where we then had to get the bus to the Blue Lagoon. I arrived at the Blue Lagoon at 12:45 and had time to leave my luggage and head to reception to check in. This place is very organized - I guess they need to be for the number of visitors they have! I was given a towel and a wrist band that has an electronic swipe included which will lock and unlock your locker and also keep a tally of any purchases you make while you are there.

There were numerous changing rooms containing lockers and It was easy to get myself sorted and changed into my bathers. From here you head to the showers - you must shower naked and then change into your bathers. At least at this place they actually provide showers with doors, making the whole process less embarrassing! Once showered I hung my towel near the doorway to outside then step outside and the cold nearly took my breath away! No time to think about it too much as the quicker you get in, the quicker you will feel warm again. Wow, it is amazing! Even though there was a very chilly wind and even rain at times, you felt very comfortable in the water. The water is almost a milky colour and this is apparently from the algae, which is very good for your skin apparently. This Lagoon is huge so I had fun swimming around and exploring. It was very surreal as there was a constant 'fog' on top of the water, due to the cold air blowing over the surface of the heated water.

I swam my way to the bar, where I could get a drink which was part of my ticket. I felt that a red wine would be the appropriate choice in this weather, so I asked what red wine they had. Low and behold, it was Wolf Bass! So I swiped my wrist and got my glass (plastic) and swam away - it was a challenge trying to make sure the water from the Lagoon didn't go into your glass! It was so lovely in the Lagoon, not at all over crowded.

After finishing my wine, I made my way to the area where you could get a silica face mask. Slapped a handful of that on and then continued to explore and enjoy. Eventually I needed to go to the toilet, so I braved the cold and headed back inside. I remembered that I had a ziplock bag so I went and got my phone so I could take some photos. Thank goodness I did or there would be no evidence of me swimming in the Blue Lagoon!

Now I had the phone I needed another drink so I swam back to the bar and bought a Prosecco - purely for the photo opportunity. Then I went back and put another face mask on - oh, the things I have to do to ensure I have photos for this blog.

After 90 minutes in the waterI thought it was time to get out. I could have stayed in there for ages though but didn't want to turn into a prune. I showered, changed and then headed out to the reception area to finalise my bill. I then called the Northen Light Inn, which is where I am staying tonight, to organise a pick up. Their schedule transfer was at 4pm so I thought I would start walking there - but forgot about the weather and also where I was! There is no really footpath which would have been ok except I was carrying my big suitcase! So I waited the 30 minutes for the pick-up instead.

The hotel is cute - and looks out over the gel-thermal electricity plant haha. My room is cozy and given how cold and wet it is outside, I a, quite happy to stay in. I had a shower and spent some time trying to get up-to-date with my blog. I had a dinner reservation at the restaurant in the hotel for 6:30 and by this time I was very hungry, as I hadn't eaten since breakfast. i met two lovrly ladies from Melbourne on the first day tour in Reykjavik and they were also staying at the Alda Hotel, so I would see them from time to time and have a chat. Turns out they are also staying at this hotel an for they were in the restaurant when I arrived and invited me to sit with them. I had a lovely meal of local lamb strips with a mushroom sauce and a baked potatoe. Very delicious, especially as it was accompanied by a glass of Chilean Cabinet Savignon. It was nice to have some company for dinner. After dinner I went back to my room to spend some more time on my blog, while I have the opportunity!


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