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September 23rd 2012
Published: October 29th 2012
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We opted for an Apartment Hotel. As a family of four covering three generations we figured it would be a good call and I have to say we were on the mark. We have a section of the room separated off and the decoration has a Nordic Modern feel with a Kitchen. We are located on Laugavegurstreet which is the main shopping street in Reykjavik and we are within walking distance of many of the major city attractions and of course shopping. The street only has room for one car so it is one way and literally back to back cars driving at peak times. When we first arrived it was a Saturday and it looked like the street just threw up a bunch of Icelanders, foreigners and cars everywhere and they were all buzzing around in the aftermath.

It got calmer though and Sunday was very quiet. I liked both versions actually, I can be a total loner and like to be by myself sometimes, so having to share the street with only a few other people suited me fine. I’m also a people watcher and love watching what is happening around me and I love the diversity that can be found here. Now when I say diversity, I mean more about the other travellers. I loved hearing so many foreign tongues, but I also liked the mix of foreigners and Icelanders. This main street is not just for visitors (kind of how I see Government Street in Victoria or Robson in Vancouver but much smaller), it’s a street the Icelanders also use.

Laugavegurhas everything from cheap tourist shops selling Icelandic Air in cans (seriously) to high end fashion. I loved to see so many families out, I saw more families out than I usually see at home in the downtown area. There were kids and strollers everywhere and Icelanders definitely have strong ties to family. You also see allot of strollers outside of restaurants, cafés and stores. I remember when my son was just a baby, I left my stroller in my garage and someone stole my stroller. Some would say – of course someone stole your stroller you idiot – you should have taken the stroller inside your house – you deserved it. So what if I told you that those strollers outside of the restaurants, café’s and clothing stores were all by themselves….with the baby still in it? I’m not talking about one or two strollers, I mean lots of strollers left by themselves and outside. It is socially acceptable to do this in Iceland and the children are completely safe.


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