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September 25th 2012
Published: October 29th 2012
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I like to get lost and find my way back again. I do this on purpose when I travel because I like to see what I stumble across. I like to see the streets that are no on the beaten track, I like to see where the locals go and soak it all in. I imagine what it would be like to live in that place and to call it home. What would I love about it and what would I not like.

Usually I do not blend into most places and I am an obvious outsider, for many reasons I stand out but not here. That said, sometimes the idea of a place that you have in your head usually does not match reality. I expected more tall blondes like me. I saw some, but I expected there would be more. I look like I just stepped off a Viking ship and I have to say I look more Icelandic than some of the Icelanders do. Everywhere I go they speak to me in Icelandic and of course expecting a response, instead they get, ‘pardon me?’. A number of times I saw a look of shock on people’s faces when they hear me speak. Alas, I have Icelandic blood, but not an Icelandic tongue, so for once I try to hold my tongue a little and enjoy blending in.


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