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August 9th 2012
Published: September 7th 2012
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"We said good bye to our friends. We went on a boat. They had a net. The put it in the water. They got lots of sea creatures. A crab fell off the table. It was fun" - Sofia Journal Entry Aug 9

So after an awesome week with Lenny and Maddie in Greenland and a bit of Iceland, we ate breakfast with them, dropped them off at the zoo, and said our good byes.

Now it was time for our second part of our trip - a week and a half driving around Iceland. A very popular route called "ring road". We picked up our rental car that I called Snowy, and we were off. While most of our trip we stuck to ring road, this first part we took a little detour to Stykkisholmur and the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

A short 2 1/2 hour drive and we arrived in Stykkisholmur. We checked into our hostel It was a very old house and our room was the smallest room we ever stayed in, but we thought it was so cool. I loved that the rest of the trip we stayed in hostels and got to sleep
Me and Mr. KrabbsMe and Mr. KrabbsMe and Mr. Krabbs

Sea Tours Breiðafjörður Bay
in our sleeping bags.

After checking in, we headed out to the harbor. We had a boat to catch for a tour daddy booked online prior to arriving in Iceland. It was on Sea Tours on their "Unique Adventure Tour". The first part we sailed around the bay and checked out these cool rock formations and birds. We only saw 1 lonely puffin on this tour.

However, the best part of this trip was when the put a net down to the bottom of the ocean and then picked back up. I could not believe it. It was like the picked up the entire "bikini bottom" There were starfish, crabs, scallops, snails and other sea creatures. We then got to eat some scallpos and sea urchin. Cannot get much fresher than that. At first I tried the scallop without soy sauce and it was okay, but when I tried it with soy sauce I thought it was horrible. Daddy and I kept laughing when we saw the video later and my funny facial expressions. Daddy absolutely loved the fresh scallops. I had more fun holding all the different sea creatures.

After the boat trip, we headed to the waterslides. Daddy had told me that we would be swimming at most of our stops, and this was the first one. They all are heated by natural hot springs. I loved the water slides and had so much fun. We both used our disposable bathing suits was pretty funny. After the waterslides, we went out for a great dinner at Fimm Fiskar. The fish was delicious as well as the dessert.

The next day was our driving trip around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. It was the only day on our entire trip where the weather was horrible. It was rainy and so cloudy we often could not see the nearby mountains. However, we still had a great time.

Our first stop was Barnhofn. This was a small farm where they are famous for Harkal. This is where they dry greenland shark and let it rot and then eat it. Me and my daddy tried a little and both of us thought it was HORRIBLE! They had a cool museum and I loved their little dog.

We then continued around the peninsula and saw tons of rainbows. We next stopped at a place
Beautiful HellnarBeautiful HellnarBeautiful Hellnar

Snaefellsnes Peninsula
where they had these houses covered with grass. Behind them were mounds of moss that I loved throwing at dad. We then stopped in Hellnar. We had a great lunch and then took a little hike. I had fun pretending I was the leader and daddy's boss. We did not walk all the way to Anarstapi, but we walked a good distance. It looked really cool and green.

Then we drove back to Stykkisholmur and decided to cook our own dinner in the hostel. I had fun helping daddy and we ate and talked with other people at the hostel. It was then time for bed as we had a big day and drive tomorrow - to Akuyeri with a fish festival on the way.....

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Me and PatrickMe and Patrick
Me and Patrick

Sea Tours, Breiðafjörður Bay
Daddy loving the scallopsDaddy loving the scallops
Daddy loving the scallops

with a glass of white wine
Our hostel in StykhisholmurOur hostel in Stykhisholmur
Our hostel in Stykhisholmur

It was a few hundred years old!
Fun with MossFun with Moss
Fun with Moss

Snaefellsnes Peninsula
Me and GaryMe and Gary
Me and Gary

Sea Tours - Stykkisholmur
Hey Daddy check out my headHey Daddy check out my head
Hey Daddy check out my head

We laughed so hard for about 10 minutes
So ExcitedSo Excited
So Excited

I see the entire Bikini Bottom
How do you eat this thing?How do you eat this thing?
How do you eat this thing?

Trying to eat a scallop
This was 1/2 of our room.This was 1/2 of our room.
This was 1/2 of our room.

The smallest room we have ever stayed in. We loved it though.
Loved the soupLoved the soup
Loved the soup

Fimm Fiskar, Stykkisholmur
Great Fish DinnerGreat Fish Dinner
Great Fish Dinner

Eating the Dinner we cookedEating the Dinner we cooked
Eating the Dinner we cooked

Stykkisholmur Hostel

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