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Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Siklos September 16th 2006

Today was another beautiful day although it is raining now at 9:00pm. We just got back from the best restaurant that we have gone to yet. It was called Spinoza's and in the Jewish section not too far from the hotel. Most of the people here in the middle of the city live in apartments and there is not even a little bit of grass anywhere. About a block from the hotel is a little playground for the neighborhood children and it has a security guard to let people in and out. We have seen what looks like daycare teachers taking small children to play during the day. It gets really busy in the late afternoon until dark so the children can get outside. We haven't seen a private residence the whole time we were here. ... read more
Playground with security guard
Chrissy with Josef Atilla
The Baths at the Park

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Siklos April 16th 2004

Siklós. South of Pécs in the Villány hills is Siklós (pronounced Shik-lowsh - well nearly). The town is built around a small hill, on which sits a castle that dates back to the 1300’s, like so much in Hungary it has seen many wars and invasions and has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. What remains is an 18th shell over foundations, cellars and dungeons that date back much further, surrounded by walls from the 15th century. Cleo a friend from my school days had come over for a short week to visit. So we went down to visit Siklós (meaning snakey) and Harkány for the day. Harkány famous for it’s healing thermal pools. The hours bus ride from Pécs was easy – finally after spending around 7 months in and around Hungary, I can manage ... read more
The Entrance
Torture Drawing
Siklos Castle

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