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June 11th 2004
Published: June 11th 2004
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The summer is here, I love it. Finally the weather has improved and the long warm evenings are starting. Well I'm back in Pecs again. Mainly working on websites and learning more about photography. Took a really long walk through the hills yesterday, wanted to show a few more photos from the Mecsek, flowers and insects mainly - will be uploading in a moment. Soon I'll be travelling again - hopefully Central America and overland to Mexico. But we haven't brought tickets yet. On a sad note - many of my friends are leaving - back to their home countries at the end of exchange programs.
Szia  -  (Hi/Bye in Hungarian).

Additional photos below
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Really big wasp, though there is no way to see the scale on this photo.
Mecsek ButterflyMecsek Butterfly
Mecsek Butterfly

Some kind of Swallowtail I think - I'd like to know what it is - anyone?
Stag BeetleStag Beetle
Stag Beetle

Really impressive creature - about 7cm long, fairly heavy, with amazing red antlers.

Little blighter - take that.

11th June 2004

Dude, if you take a picture of an insect like that again, I'm personally coming over to Hungry to beat you! That's disgusting, and gave me the chills! BUGS! Ugh... I can't abide the things!!
12th June 2004

Which one?
Which one gave you the chills Savage? The Stag Beetle or the Hornet or the Mosquito - I'm still itching like crazy from letting the mosquito bite for long enough to take a photo. The Stag Beetle was quite friendly and didn't mind crawling on my hands and arm :)
22nd September 2005

the Stag beetle you crazy bastard!

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