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Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs June 1st 2014

Heute habe ich mir Pecs angesehen. Beginnend mit dem Vasarely Museum zu diesem Op-Art-Kuenstler. Dann weiter zum Dom. Danach die fruehchristlichen Graeber in dessen Umgebung. Anschliessend zur Hassan Jakovali Moschee, der einzigen erhaltenen dieser Art mit Minarett in Pecs. Dann entlang der Ferencesek utcaja, der wichtigsten Fussgaengerzone in Pecs. Und danach zum Kossuth ter-Platz mit der Synagoge und dem Rathaus. Morgen moechte ich ins zweite Land meiner Reise fahren: in die kroatische Hauptstadt Zagreb. Der einzige akzeptable Zug faehrt um etwa 16:00 hier ab und kommt nach 20:00 dort an. Ich bin weder ein Freund von derart spaeten Abfahrten, weil mich das zu einem Late-Checkout oder dem Herumlaufen oder Warten in der Start bis zur Abfahrt zwingt, noch von derart spaeten Ankuenften. Wenigstens liegt mein erstes Hotel in Zagreb in der Naehe des Bahnhofs. Ein paar ... read more
Roemischer Sarg in der gleichen Anlage.
Reste der fruechristlichen Kapelle
Weiteres fruehchristliches Grab hinter Glas

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs May 31st 2014

Heute bin ich von Eger nach Pecs gefahren. Quer durch Ungarn. Das hat eine Weile gedauert. In Budapest bin ich umgestiegen. Pecs war europaeische Kulturhauptstadt in 2010 und hat auch den deutschen Namen Fuenfkirchen. Mein Hotel ist relativ neu und wieder schoen im Zentrum. Laut Reisefuehrer ist es im Bauhausstil gebaut. Hier habe ich wieder ZDF und diesmal auch Pro7-Empfang. Leider kommt das morgige Fussballspiel in der ARD und die ARD Mediathek zeigt es auch nicht im Ausland (waere eigentlich ein schoener Zug fuer deutsche Touristen im Ausland, aber naja). Da muss ich mal kucken was ich mache. Pecs hat auch einen schoenen Marktplatz. Dort gibt es die ehemalige Gazi Kassim-Moschee aus der tuerkischen Besatzungszeit. Heute ist wird sie als christliche Kirche benutzt. Waehrend meiner Fahrt hierher habe ich im Zug ueber WLAN gelesen, dass Bayern ... read more
Der zentrale Platz von Pecs
Ein Cappuccino im alterwuerdigen Bahnhofsrestaurant von Budapest Keleti Pu
Mein modernes Hotel

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs July 21st 2011

We woke this morning to the gentle patter of rain on the skylight. The forecast said it was going to be light showers this morning and clearing this afternoon. So we planned for an easy wake up and a late breakfast hoping that the rain would be gone before we headed out to explore the historic town of Pécs. By the time we went out the rain had stopped but the sky was still threatening with large dark clouds overhead, however the temperature was comfortable in the low 20s. It was quite strange to be out sightseeing where there was a prospect of rain, something we haven’t done since leaving Barcelona about seven weeks ago. It seems that rain might follow us for the next few days. A positive out of this is the temperatures will ... read more
Zsolnay Fountain, Pecs
Mosque, now a Catholic Church, Pecs
Fence of padlocks, Pecs

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs July 20th 2011

After a little overnight rain we woke to a beautiful clear sky. Our accommodation at the guesthouse in the hills above Samobor has been wonderful. But today we must move on as we have an appointment with the border guards on the Croatian-Hungarian border on our way to Pécs. During our travels we endeavour to stay off the toll roads for two reasons, money and boring driving, so our drive today meant taking the scenic route through the centre of Zagreb. From what we saw it was not really a city where we would spend time sightseeing. Some of the older buildings had the grim exterior of the Communist era. The trams on the other hand were very modern. Perhaps over time the general appearance of the city will become more appealing. Tito was known for ... read more
View from our guesthouse towards Slovenia

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs August 31st 2009

Neither of us had ever heard of Pecs before we sat down the other night and tried to find a town with a hotel halfway between Budapest and Sarajevo and Pecs came out on top.So today its south across the great Hungarian Plain(oh no,not more flat land to drive through!!)and onto Pecs. One of the interesting things about Hungary is that whne you cross into the country and convert some Euros(even on a limited budget such as the BBA)you become VERY rich with HUF or Hungarian Florints.At HUF264 to €1 it doesn't take long and you have a heap of money.Things are cheap here like in other parts of Eastern Europe but by all accounts the economy is thriving and prices will rise especially if and when they join the Euro zone.HUF notes come in sizes ... read more
Pedestrian mall,Pecs
The mosque turned into a christian church,Pecs

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs March 13th 2009

So, getting a host was quite an effort and I almost didn't go but I sent out a SOS on the group list and managed to get a host :) My host in Budapest was really nice and said I could stay longer if I skipped Pecs but I'm glad that didn't happen. Getting a bus ticket was a chore and as usual, my ISIC was rejected. Jeez.....ISIC has been pretty useless so far in terms of getting discounts for transportation. I think I should have gotten a Euro 26 card instead. Apparently it's cheaper and really, no one can ignore the big EURO 26 on the card. Transportation in Hungary is expensive! Especially after coming from the Czech Republic. So I headed down on the bus and arrived about 3-4 hours later. Pecs certainly looked ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs October 6th 2008

We spent a few days in Pecs and on a farm outside of Pecs in a town of 280 called Kiskassa. Pecs was far more relaxed than Budapest and when we first got there we sat on some benches outside a church near some fountains and snacked on salami and bread, checking out the scene. It is like a very touristy version of Cambridge to Budapest's Boston. In Budapest we went to the baths to relax (an amazing experience); here we could just look around. Pecs is more tourist friendly - more people speak English, it is compact and fairly cheap (gyros are half the price of those in Budapest). We met a backpacker from Missouri named Scott who gave us a map and pointed us in the direction of the bus station after telling us ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs August 31st 2008

31-08-08 Pecs - Goldilocks Pizza and Surly Youth We arrived in Pecs at about 4pm after a pretty leisurely 5 hour trip from Timosoara. We were mainly traveling though low river valleys, and excellent farm land. You notice the improved standard of living in the rural areas in comparison to Romania pretty much as soon as you cross the boarder. I had my first experience of getting blocked from getting on a motorway on ramp - guess what - it was a Brittish driver, I decided to give him some pointers on road rules. I think he was too busy staring at his GPS to notice. We followed a group of 15 motorbikes for the last part of the trip - good fun. Interesting with the waving etiquette across central and eastern Europe - all riders ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs June 3rd 2008

I got a train from Bratislava to Budapest, but I'd been there a few month previous, so onwards I went on my merry way to Pecs (it's pronounced "Pech".) And I felt it imediately, away from the trail. Pecs is such a beautiful place but the backpackers seem to head straight for the capital. Great, more Pecs for me. But on emerging from the train I soon felt my bearings eluding me. So, to my detrement, I tried using my common sense ("So, I've travelled south on the train, I need to north, so I should just follow the tracks from where I'd come") and, of course, I soon realised that my particular band of logic didn't work. Also, while gorping at the map, my foot caught the edge of a rock and gravity did it's ... read more
Mosque Church

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Pécs October 3rd 2007

I am so sorry I have been slacking on my updates. I have been so busy writing a paper for my Roma class, I just haven’t had an opportunity to update here. Please don’t hate me J Last weekend was really fun, we had another school field trip on Saturday and Sunday, this time to a city called Pecs. The ‘e’ actually has an accent, but I don’t know how to do accents on here, or at all on a computer. This makes typing in Hungarian really difficult cause accents are a MUST. So last Friday during the day I went on a field trip for my Art/Monument class. We went to the Statue Park. This is a park way on the outskirts of the city that they built to put different soviet statues in. It ... read more
Proof I was there

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