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Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Debrecen August 28th 2018

Dag 1 -Rondreis Roemenië -dinsdag 28/8/2018 – Samenkomst in Debrecen (H). Etappe 3 van de individuele trip naar de plaats van samenkomst in Debrecen (250km van Budapest). Onderweg prachtige autostrates (waarschijnlijk dankzij sponsorgeld van de EU) tot bijna in Debrecen, vlakbij de Roemeense grens. Eens daar van af, secudaire weg in slechte staat. Landschap onderweg, zo plat als een pannekoek, bestaat hoofdzakelijk uit bruingedroogde mais- en dito zonnebloemvelden. Moest het land niet bewerkt zijn, zou men kunnen denken dat het onbewoond gebied is. Geen dorpen of huizen te bespeuren langs die autobahnen. Wel voorzien van nieuwe parkings en tankstations. De diesel is hier ook al duurder dan de super. Toch milieu bewust of brengt het geld op ? We staan hier op een camping in een bos. De installaties zijn uitgeleefd en/of kapot. Gelukkig zijn we ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Debrecen June 12th 2018

HE SAID... Today we were travelling southeast from Eger to Debrecen. Despite a wild night at the wine cellars, we were (once again) wide awake at 5am. The sun was rising over Eger Basilica, which was a beautiful sight from our small balcony. We headed down to a small external dining room/kitchen for a very basic but enjoyable breakfast. Baskets of bread rolls were on the table, along with plates of cheese, salami, ham and tomatoes. We made ham and cheese rolls, which we washed down with endless cups of tea. It had been, after all, a full-on wine tasting at Biro Borozo the night before, and we were thirsty. After breakfast we said goodbye to Sir Charles, the resident cat, threw our packs on a private minibus and set off for Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest ... read more
great church
magda szabo the novelist
streets of debrecen

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Debrecen October 20th 2013

Darcy and I suck at traveling together. We always get these great ideas and then we assume that the person who has the idea knows what's going on. This is why we missed our bus to Serbia, and had an interesting time getting to Debrecen this weekend. Background: Debrecen is the second biggest city in Hungary. It's also home to a really big university. It's near the Romanian border, about a 3 hour train ride from Budapest. A few people from CETP live in/near Debrecen, so Darcy and I decided to visit them. It sounds easy. Go to the train station. Buy a ticket to Debrecen. Get on the train. Get off at Debrecen. On the way home repeat but for Budapest. Then you have to remember that it's Darcy and me doing this, so naturally ... read more
Building downtown
Calvinist Church
Church with tree

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Debrecen April 6th 2008

Hey everyone! Yes, it has been at least a month since my last entry and I feel horrible. Have gotten a few emails from concerned friends wondering if all was well here...the answer is 'yes'. I have been busy since the last blog....Habitat work has been increasing as teams have now started to arrive, my good friend Liz visited from London (we were at Queen's together), I finally got to meet Suzanne and Pierre who are teaching English over here (they have visited Budapest a couple of times and made use of 'Hotel Kim'), spent a weekend in Bratislava with Suzanne (where my camera disappeared), spent the better part of a week on the Csurgo build site with an Irish school group from St. Columba's near Dublin (have gotten an invite to visit there in June) ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Debrecen September 17th 2007

So the town we went to was called Debrecen. It is the second biggest town in Hungary. We left Saturday morning at 8:30 and made three stops along the way. The first place we stopped was this cool looking gas station. It wasn’t an official stop but I had to mention it cause it made me giggle. The second stop however was a “lake” that is park of a national park here. The lake was actually more like a marsh. The water was only about four feet deep and there were lots and lots of reeds growing everywhere. The guide told us that it is also a bird sanctuary but the only birds I saw looked pretty much like the seagulls from home. It was all very pretty but we stayed there much longer than necessary. ... read more
Bus driver
The lake
A river, in the lake

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