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October 5th 2005
Published: October 5th 2005
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So, just thought I'd add some more photos from Hungary before I run off to the East.
Share with everyone the joys of the Labyrinth below the Castle in the Buda side of Budapest. Great fun if you like being underground, watch out for the trolls though, they are a bit nasty.
Also one from the lake Korfball tournament (you should all know by now, if you don’t, look it up).
One week to go until I’m in a country where 1 billion people have a different hair colour to me. It’s going to be like a very easy version of ‘Where’s Wally’.

The countries I have visited so far, a long way yet to go...

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He's behind you...He's behind you...
He's behind you...

...oh no he isn't. A spooky labyrinth man.
Fountain of bloodFountain of blood
Fountain of blood

Well, actually it was a fountain of what smelt like red wine, but I didn't taste it (yes I know, makes a change) but it was rather bizarre.
Lake KorfballLake Korfball
Lake Korfball

Train back from SzegardTrain back from Szegard
Train back from Szegard

I know, I'm a geek.
Terror House museumTerror House museum
Terror House museum

Excellent museum in Budapest, worth a trip.
Hungarian Parliament  Hungarian Parliament
Hungarian Parliament

Interestingly (or notdepoending on your view) it was built to be 4 metres longer than the British one, just to annoy.

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