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June 25th 2015
Published: July 29th 2015
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ABBA, turquoise water, picturesque towns and an insane airport In June we went on a for us slightly unusual kind of trip - a package tour. Ake's mother turns 70 this year and she wanted to celebrate this by going abroad with the entire family for a week. The easiest way to arrange a trip for 8 people was to arrange everything in advance through a tour operator. This made even more sense since ... Read Full Entry

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Small airportSmall airport
Small airport

The airport is so small that they can only have three planes there at the same time. When a fourth plane has landed (the one in the distance) one plane, to create room for the newly arrived plane, has to taxi out on the runway (the one at the front) and prepare for take off
Standing a tad bit too close to the jet enginesStanding a tad bit too close to the jet engines
Standing a tad bit too close to the jet engines

He is standing a tad bit too close to the jet engines but doesn't know it
Just realised that he was standing in the wrong spotJust realised that he was standing in the wrong spot
Just realised that he was standing in the wrong spot

When they rev up the engines the jet blast is as strong as a hurricane. He just realised that he was standing in the wrong spot
Plane spottingPlane spotting
Plane spotting

It is intense when they take off. To stand where I am standing is not a great idea if you don't know what is going to hit you. (The photo was taken by Magnus Pettersson. Used by permission)
Traffic light warning for passing aircraftsTraffic light warning for passing aircrafts
Traffic light warning for passing aircrafts

When a plane lands this traffic light turns red
Car wreckCar wreck
Car wreck

"The highway's jammed with broken heroes" (OK, we admit that we have used that quote before on this blog.)
At our morning runAt our morning run
At our morning run

We took a run together one morning and then we took this photo.
Lalaria BeachLalaria Beach
Lalaria Beach

Lalaria Beach is special in that the water there is more clear than at most other beaches and that there is a natural "tunnel" there that you can swim through

Ake diving

Emma diving
Lalaria BeachLalaria Beach
Lalaria Beach

Lalaria Beach is special in that there is no sand there. The beach is all covered with pebbles from the size of a pea up to two fists
Light houseLight house
Light house

They were a bit unlucky with the design there... (The photo was taken by either Magnus Pettersson or Åsa Dahllöf. Used by permission)
Funny signFunny sign
Funny sign

Small Banana Beach is for nudists. This sign is a bit funny

Metallica is a heavy metal band. How did their name end up on this sign?

29th July 2015

Sounds enjoyable =)
Seem like you had a lot of fun on a trip you otherwise wouldn't have visited. Nothing beats that feeling. =)
29th July 2015

It was enjoyable
We enjoyed it a lot. To stay an entire week in a small place like Skiathos is not really our cup of tea, but we really did have a good time. /Ake
29th July 2015
Lalaria Beach

That water looks awesome!
30th July 2015

Hi, You wondered about the sign in the last picture. Metallika with accent on the a simply means metal - the sign says that metal objects and excavation material is forbidden! Nothing exciting at all. Glad you enjoyed Skiathos, most lesser known Greek islands are wonderful to visit so you made a good choice.
30th July 2015

Thanks for telling us
We were pretty sure that the sign said something about "Metal" but didn't know what exactly. We threw that photo in at the end as some kind of joke. Like a small gift to those who make it all the way to the end. /Ake
30th July 2015

Style, grace but why aren't we seeing Banana Beach?
Come on fess up Ake. Great dive shot to make us salivate the beauty of the Greek Isles but...what about the photos from your private collection?
30th July 2015

I don't take nude photos
When I see photos of naked human bodies in art galleries I always think "I want to take photos like that myself". I have never tried it and I am sure I couldn't do it right. I am sure it would only come out as sleasy and dirty at best. Photos including nudity I leave to people who know what they are doing. The only option would be if I posed in the photos myself but you don't really want to see that... /Ake
30th July 2015
Turquoise water

Great gift for your mom and a sweet treat for yourselves!
I'd never heard of these islands, so Mamma Mia aside, it's great that you went to a couple of the lesser visited islands. Personally, I love staying in one place for a week and taking day trips, and you found some fine excursions. Happy landings!
31st July 2015
Turquoise water

Actually rather a gift from mum to us...
Now I get a bit embarrassed. I never wrote anything in the blog about who was paying for the trip. Actually, my mum did. That's how she wanted to have it. So this trip to Greece rather a gift from hur to us, not the other way around. /Ake
8th October 2015

Fabulous Island
Thank you for sharing this with us. Skiathos is wonderful island that i have been to a few times. Everyone always goes mad for Lalaria but i much prefer Kastro.

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