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Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Skiathos January 31st 2016

The Beautiful island of Skaithosis a place I have been to a few times. For those who aren't familiar with the island it is in the Northern Sporades off the coast of mainland Greece near Thessaloniki. Skiathos has always been a popular tourist destination but really shot to fame in 2008 with the release of the film Mamma Mia! which was filmed partly on the island an partly on its neighbouring island, Skopelos. The first time my wife and I went was after seeing the film, the beautiful blue sea and white sand. The coupled with Greek culture, I have been to a few islands, made it a no brainer. The Island is very small, around 4 miles by 7 miles so it is easy to get around. Skiathos Town , the main port and capital ... read more
View from Kastro

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Skiathos June 25th 2015

ABBA, turquoise water, picturesque towns and an insane airport In June we went on a for us slightly unusual kind of trip - a package tour. Ake's mother turns 70 this year and she wanted to celebrate this by going abroad with the entire family for a week. The easiest way to arrange a trip for 8 people was to arrange everything in advance through a tour operator. This made even more sense since the plan was to stay in one hotel the entire week and make excursions and day trips from there. After some deliberation we decided on going to the island Skiathos in Greece. Skiathos has been a tour destination for a long time. No surprise there since picture perfect villages, warm reliable weather and turquoise water tend to draw tourists. In resent years ... read more
Tour boat
Emma enjoying the sun and the view
Skopelos Town

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Skiathos July 24th 2014

This is the view from my room on the second floor, no 13, perhaps not so unlucky in Greece! There was loud thunder and some rain overnight, but this cleared to leave a cloudless blue sky. We've spent the day round the pool, reading and chatting with the occasional dip. Although the very pleasant and helpful receptionists tell us the hotel is full, a lot of people must have gone to the beach or on trips as it wasn't crowded round the pool today. We're getting ready to walk the 10 mins round the bay to the harbour front where all the shops and restaurants are. Don't forget we're 2 hours ahead. Have a good evening.... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Skiathos August 5th 2009

And after the northern Greece, we continued south, towards Volos, where we took a ferry boat, and after two hours of a very nice and relaxing boat ride, we reached Skiathos. At first we thought we'll find the accommodation easily, after all, everyone was talking about a slow season, economic problems, and similar, so we didn't make any reservations. Big mistake! It was almost the beginning of August, and it seemed like everyone was on this island: lots of tourists from Britain, France, and even lots of Greek families, and especially young people, since, what we learned later, there's a lot of good places to party (clubs, beaches, etc.). So, we started walking and driving around the Skiathos town, and we founds lots of signs for renting apartments, however, we just couldn't find one that's available. ... read more
Skiathos -beaches
Skiathos beaches
Skiathos-Koukounaris beach

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Skiathos September 30th 2007

Ever thought of going down to your local nude beach?....Well! It certainly kept us busy. There was soooooooo much to all shapes, sizes and colors...i never knew there were so many ways to package "genitals"...The big Man Upstairs certainly had a good sense of humor, ag shame hey! Some guys were blessed more than others.... Just to set the records straight, I did not do the naked-thing, but my dear friend did...u-hum. So it kind-of made me legal to be in a two-piece costume. Otherwise i would just be seen as a pervert looking for a quick squizzz around. By the way....never saw any potential there anyway!!! We couldnt get any close ups without looking too obviouse. Our camera zooms in pretty well, but these were the best snaps we could get... here are also ... read more
front view
anothar frontal from behind

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Skiathos September 29th 2007

I'm happy to say i have found some more time to upload some more pictures. I must apologise for not completing the diary on the first entry, but it would take forever to macth each photo with a detailed description. N-Joy!!! Meghan... read more
Beach at Ag Pareskevi
Italian House party
H3n and Thenassis

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Skiathos September 7th 2007

Where do we begin? It all came and went soooo fast. Sitting in my office now it all seems unreal, like it never happened. I 'd like to take you on a journey and share with you some of, if not all of the highlights of our recent Greece holiday. We met some fabulouse new friends along the way and got back in touch with some long last but never not forgotten old friends. Our flight to Greece took us through Doha.......haaaaaaaaaaaa - a.k.a VERY HOT PLACE!! We loved the q's - the humidaty - and excellent service ......joke Anyway, finally arived in Athens. Took a long overdue sleep, and hit the streets of Athens bright and early Monday the 6th Aug. Hendrien had never been to Athens so we decided to do the whole sight ... read more
choc cake @ the library
a day being a tourist
very big, very beautiful

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Skiathos May 1st 2006

It’s quite a short flight from Athens to Skiathos, one of the lessor known Greek Islands in the northern part of the Greek Islands. On arrival to the tin shed of an airport we were greeted by an Australian taxi driver who took us to our hotel in Nostos. A massive room at Nostos was great but the concrete box was quite cold and didn’t help that the heating did not work. The beach at Nostos was a bit dirty and the best beaches are Koukounaries and the oddly-named Banana Beach. Early May is an interesting time to visit the Greek Islands as it is just before the tourist season starts and the weather, whilst not being cold - isn't exactly weather you can lay on the beach and sunbake in, with most days on our ... read more
Skiathos Harbour

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