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September 30th 2007
Published: October 2nd 2007
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Ever thought of going down to your local nude beach?....Well! It certainly kept us busy.
There was soooooooo much to all shapes, sizes and colors...i never knew there were so many ways to package "genitals"...The big Man Upstairs certainly had a good sense of humor, ag shame hey!
Some guys were blessed more than others....

Just to set the records straight, I did not do the naked-thing, but my dear friend did...u-hum. So it kind-of made me legal to be in a two-piece costume. Otherwise i would just be seen as a pervert looking for a quick squizzz around.
By the way....never saw any potential there anyway!!!
We couldnt get any close ups without looking too obviouse. Our camera zooms in pretty well, but these were the best snaps we could get...

here are also a few snaps of town, a couple of sunsets, a farewell bbq and a couple of photos of Tasso's studios - the villa we stayed at

more photos to be published soon....

Additional photos below
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to the rightto the right
to the right

the dude against the rocks was hugely popular to look at....
jana and eugenejana and eugene
jana and eugene

these guys were great poep dronk and told the funniest of jokes....
REAL cheap wineREAL cheap wine
REAL cheap wine

in greece - no such thing as "doos wyn" or box it comes in very thin plastic -probably bio friendly containers. a la 2 euro a bottle!!! mega mega headache but beats retsina any day
Eugene - master entertainerEugene - master entertainer
Eugene - master entertainer

i'm sure a real comedian when not so sober...ha-ha
Tasso's super marketTasso's super market
Tasso's super market

a very handy and on the property supermarket...really dont need to go into town unless absolutely nessesary
An old but friendly retire cart horseAn old but friendly retire cart horse
An old but friendly retire cart horse

this horse was kept on Trudi's property due to the owner's land being burnt in a recent fire - unfortunately the owner never came to feed or look after the horse....I believe Trudi has now adopted the horse and it can live out it's old age at least loved and cared for. Thanx Trudi
tasso's studiostasso's studios
tasso's studios

some photo's of the villa we stayed in on Skiathos

2nd October 2007

Hi Jinne julle ek wil net terug gaan Italy toe dit het net so daar! Wie het ooit gedink ons gaan die plekke sien wat ons sien? Megan ek is disapointed dat jy nie naked was op die beach nie! Hope to join you there some day... Vurns

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