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September 26th 2006
Published: September 26th 2006
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A 200 CC Motorbike around Santorini.

Yesterday, Monday, I hired a proper motorbike (half road, half trail bike) and went off exploring. WOW, I loved it. And I was a good wee tourist and used the helmet, although most people don't. I hadn't riden a bike in a few years and had forgotten the joy and freedom I used to feel when burning up the highway......not that there are highways in Santorini mind you. Just narrow roads and lots of bends. It was fantastic. I had a ball. I was also able to explore lots of tiny wee roads that meandered round tradional villages. I had to hire the bike as my legs were totally knackered from all the walking I had been doing. The bike cost 20 Euro for the 24 hours and if I want it again I can have it for 10 Euros. I most probably will hire it again.

A couple of days ago I walked for 4 hours and then the next day I walked for 3 hours.....that doesn't include the general walking I also do each day to the shops, supermarket and up to the caldera to check out the evening light.

Santorini is quieting down now. Some of the bigger clubs are shutting up shop as are some of the tourist hotels and resturants.

While out yesterday on the bike I was up on the mountain where the monastry is and met a nice wee Greek chap (I say wee because he must be about 5 foot tall) He is going back to Athens tomorrow and shortly we are going to go ticky touring round Oia. Of course I have all ready been there a few times now so I will be able to show him around.

It was funny when out on the motorbike the number of people who looked at me in awe. Most people here ride around on scooters, and it seems only men ride proper motorbikes. I think people were shocked to see a woman on a real motorbike.

The weather has been a bit iffy, it rained a bit before but I don't think we are going to get the big storms with the thunder again.

Gotta go.....


26th September 2006

Sounds like you are having a great time. Aren't bikes a great way for sightseeing! You are 'in' the sights much more than with a car.

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