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July 20th 2011
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Santorini Greece is on the Aegean sea. The villages of the island, built on tall cliffs, offer a breathtaking view over the submerged volcano.

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We have to tender in to SantoriniWe have to tender in to Santorini
We have to tender in to Santorini

We can see the view and we are so excited to visit this Greek Island.

This island has a submerged volcano which at one time destroyed the village.
White buildings, blue roofsWhite buildings, blue roofs
White buildings, blue roofs

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants was filmed here. It is so beautiful with narrow streets and of course, many shops.
Village of OiaVillage of Oia
Village of Oia

This village is on top of one of the high, high cliffs. We will travel a long ways down to get back to the ship.
We are about to sample some wine, cheese and olives!We are about to sample some wine, cheese and olives!
We are about to sample some wine, cheese and olives!

This was a nice picture to show how relaxed we felt to be here in Santorini.
The Winery viewThe Winery view
The Winery view

We were offered a white wine and a dessert wine made here at the winery. They were both a strong wine with a taste that needs to be acquired I think.
More winery viewMore winery view
More winery view

The winery is situated on the top of the caldera cliff, with a magnificent view of Santorini volcano and the Aegean Sea.
more winery viewmore winery view
more winery view

It is said that when the volcano erupted on this island, the center of the island fell into the sea - a loss of an ancient Cretin civilization!!
Santo WinesSanto Wines
Santo Wines

Santorini's volcanic soil and high daytime temperatures and humidity at night are ideal for creating a strong red wine which is well-respected around the world. They have 36 different kinds of grapes (white and red).
See these donkeysSee these donkeys
See these donkeys

How to get back to the boat: -by cable car - over 1 hour wait -by foot - on a donkey trodden path full of donkey doo doo -by donkey Easy choice???
Holy $%^&^%^Holy $%^&^%^
Holy $%^&^%^

See Brighton's face??? This was one scary ride. Downhill for a LONG ride. The donkey doesn't respond to its rider. The donkey doesn't walk a straight line, the donkey likes to stop for random breaks, the donkey runs into people and other donkeys!
See the boats in the water??See the boats in the water??
See the boats in the water??

We are only half way down and still have a ways to go. This ride seemed like ti was hours long...probably did last one hour though!! What an experience!

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