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May 29th 2012
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We made it to Athens fairly easily and I have to say I love the weather. Sunshine and smiles. I've already turned into a deep bronze ( not ).

More of a singlet tomato.

When I introduce myself as Stonehouse, they will expect the native background

"hey how are ya, hey how are ya..."

Half German, half wetaskawin.

So anyway, we were able to check out the very very cool Greek mythology.

Let's just say bkslizz was in his element. The guy must have went 14 for 16 on facts.

Shit yea

I must have taken at least 14 pics with him with him explaining the old Greek mythology to our group.

And 14 more of him giggling when seeing the acropolis. Which I cannot mock him for because it was very cool

Does anyone remember the bkslizz facts where niagra falls moves back 7km every year....

Well he's said that zeus's temple once had 140 columns.. I believe it was 104... Close but still enough of a bkslizz fact that me and Chris gave him his own little song/title.

"body break"!! Well replace that with "bk facts"!!

same amount of syllabus

We were saying that the whole time.

We actually had our ferry delayed to mykonos.. Lame I know.

But we made the best of it by buying a flat (slab if your Aussie) and played some soccer on the beach. Surprisingly enough, the team with me and Brody won.

It was 3 on 3

I guess goaltending skills transfer between sports.

Junior b..... Aussie league... Same skill

Any who, I guess that I should point out that the flat costed me 9€

We were loaded on the ferry...literally loaded. It was a 4 hour ferry ride and like 20 min in we were all gunned. Dammit I love these guys.

Actually I ended up getting sick of hearing everyone drunk so I stood outside for the last 2 hours and took in the view. It was amazing. Thank you Monique for giving me company.

Busted out my iPad app that shows where all the stars are and what the're called. I was such a nerd last night. Although the whole time I was listening to "the recipe" by kendrick Lamar and dre... Sick song

I ended up sobering up enough for...........

Toga! Toga! Toga!

You guessed it, toga party last night. As I'm laying in bed writing this blog, I'm trying to remember what happened last night. If I see an empty bottle of absinthe anywhere..... Chris!?!?

But in all seriousness, it was fun as hell. K maybe a poor analogy. Think of taking 44 people to mykonos with 30 other people from another tour and making them wear togas and having a 2 for 1 special at the bar....

So like 2 vodka lemonades for 5€.

Did I point out Steve and Rachel were given a couples room? I guess Brody got sick of their sweet talk... And kissing...

Dammit I can barely type.

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeed water!

Makes me think of Esteban, "sunglasses and Advil, last night was mad real"

Btw how was jay z and kanye in Paris? Plz comment chesto.


Couple hours later

Hit up the beach and took in some much needed relaxation. That is until we rented a sea doo and ripped around in the ocean for a bit. Suprisingly, no one knew how to drive them so I ripped around a couple Aussies. I made Michael sick (I'm blaming the hangover, not my driving) and then Chris hopped on.

2 poor moves were made on this ride. First, Chris started fist pumping when we drove by our tour on the beach. Sooo I cut right hard and dumped him in the ocean.

He grabbed my life jacket and braced for impact...

The second poor move was me wearing my new prada shades on the sea doo...

Lost but not forgotten.

I threw on my Sara mclachan playlist and had a moment for them. I don't think I will ever look "boss" again. *sniff*

There is actually a hilarious video of our spill.

After, we made a switch from water transportation to road. A few of us rented quads and ripped into the city. Fun stuff.

The women were having difficulties, but really, that's expected.

After driving for about 30 min we decided to stop at a local restaurant for some iconic Greek salad. I wolfed that down plus some chicken and pork kabob and washed that down with a Heineken. 8€.

The waitress really liked us and brought out shots of Misaka for us to start the partying. After dusting those off we had to hop back on our quads and find our way back to the resort. We were given helmets but.....

Bucket? F**k it.. - nick

It was a fairly simple ride back minus having to avoid the girls a couple times. Also the vehicles that seem to creep up behind you and pass when it is the worst possible time. Meh, their Greek.

I would like to point out that our whole trip so far has been really touristy. Mykonos is more a vacation destination. I now understand what fed and Paige were saying when they said its beautiful here. So awesome.

As I'm writing this blog, bkslizz just cannon balled.... I'll try to post the video if I can figure it out.

I just got back from having my first weightlifting workout of the trip. I can tell I've lost strength but it felt good to feel "da paaaa-oooo-mmp" -Arnold

Saw a guy in Rome wearing an "Arnold is número uno" t shirt. Dope

Were hitting the clubs tonight. Brody's got his fingers crossed its a gay bar.

Side note, the Greece economy is crap and they might be kicked out of the European union. Well no kidding... Everything is bought/sold in cash and not reported so ipso facto taxes aren't paid. Also you can't put toilet pap in the toilet. You have to put it in a bin beside the toilet. I'd kick them out of the union too.


31st May 2012

Ha thanks for the shout out. Sadly it is my brother Jordan who is going to be in Paris for the concert (Its easy to confuse us as we have a similar tan). Loving the blog, keep it up.

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