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February 8th 2015
Published: February 9th 2015
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Flying in to AthensFlying in to AthensFlying in to Athens

Beautiful clouds were before landing.
When I write about this sailing trip, too much time passed since it happened or I must admit, I am less and less in to writing. Sorry, I was planning a detailed blog for hiking and sailing, but it’s not happening anymore, so I decided to describe just few details from my memory for too general picture.. .. Thanks to Captain Tony, who kept detailed ship log, I can look for detailed information and add comments for the pictures.

Anyway, I dreamed long time for sailing vacation and still it came as a surprise. It was wonderful trip in many ways - way of traveling and lifestyle, places visited, companionship. Weather was very nice, but did not allow much of going under sails. Still, every time there was chance, it was taken. One of the first ever experiences - sailing with.. good sound of music was very impressive. Usually, in the nature or traveling I don't listen to music much and I sailed only once before and then the music was only wind in the sails and the waves.

Places not too crowded compared to Athens, but alive, charming, with strong history spirit and unforgettable views. Couple towns were on quiet, even boring side and there as a rule were street dogs, sad scenery to me. In one of bays towards we experienced amazing rain storm with constant lightening show, pouring water from the sky and luckily no much wind. What a show, but just to keep in memories, was too much rain to take camera out.

Sailing brings different traveling and exploration spirit, the best, I would say. This time purely leisure sailing trip it was, but all the same - constant move, arriving in to different places, scenery passing by, so close to the sea all the time, activities on the boat and on the shore, including walking, swimming, trying local cuisine. Ah, but I am complete chicken, was enough stress for me when docking, anchoring or when motor boat passing by would make waves.. Looking back it was nothing compared what came up couple months later sailing in Canaries.. Coming up in my next blog..

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Arriving in Poros, 9th Sept.Arriving in Poros, 9th Sept.
Arriving in Poros, 9th Sept.

At sunset Poros turns pinkish from white.
Poros and Galatas on the next shorePoros and Galatas on the next shore
Poros and Galatas on the next shore

Walking around 10th Sept.
Anchorage place 10-11th Sept.Anchorage place 10-11th Sept.
Anchorage place 10-11th Sept.

Near Galatas and Poros
Leaving for Aegina, 11 of SeptLeaving for Aegina, 11 of Sept
Leaving for Aegina, 11 of Sept

Thats when first time beautiful music hit me while sailing, actually motoring as it was so still, still sounded great. 8-11am, 14 miles. I cant remember, but i am pretty sure was some sails put up too.
Arriving at AeginaArriving at Aegina
Arriving at Aegina

We were lucky to get a spot in such a busy towns with lots boats
Temple of AthaiaTemple of Athaia
Temple of Athaia

official description.. Aphaea (Greek: Ἀφαία, Aphaía) was a Greek goddess who was worshipped almost exclusively at a single sanctuary on the island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf. She originated as early as the 14th century BCE as a local deity associated with fertility and the agricultural cycle. Under Athenian hegemony, however, she came to be identified with the goddesses Athena and Artemis and with the nymph Britomartis as well, by the 2nd century CE, the time of Pausanias: On Aigina as one goes toward the mountain of The Cretans say (the myths about her are native to Crete) that Euboulos was the son of Kharmanor, who purified Apollo of the killing of the Python, and they say that Britomartis was the daughter of Zeus and Kharme (the daughter of this Euboulos). She enjoyed races and hunts and was particularly dear to Artemis. While fleeing from Minos, who lusted after her, she cast herself into nets cast for a catch of fish. Artemis made her a goddess, and not only the Cretans but also the Aeginetans revere her. The Aeginetans say that Britomartis showed herself to them on their island. Her epithet among the Aeginetans is Aphaia
Construction toolsConstruction tools
Construction tools

Some designs did not change for 2500 years..
How it looked..about 2500  years agoHow it looked..about 2500  years ago
How it looked..about 2500 years ago

Also, in the same museum there was fragments of colored structure. So who knows, how much painted those temples were, but for sure, it was not completely mono light.
Leaving Aegina on 13th of Sept for VathiLeaving Aegina on 13th of Sept for Vathi
Leaving Aegina on 13th of Sept for Vathi

This is town's ancient site, enclosed.
Sailing to Vathi, 13 SeptSailing to Vathi, 13 Sept
Sailing to Vathi, 13 Sept

left 8:40am, distance 12 miles to very beautiful place scenery wise - around Vathi

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