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January 10th 2010
Published: January 10th 2010
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We ended our short visit to Greece in a beautiful small town named Nafplio, where we met up with Ilan’s brother Ami and his family. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins -family IS the best!!!

Shakked: “Don’t ask me to compare Athens and Nafplio. I can’t. Athens was by far more interesting but Nafplio was more fun. I’ll tell you why. If our trip to Israel was a book, then this could be the prologue, introducing some of the characters. Here in Nafplio we met an aunt, an uncle, and three cousins. Uncle Ami, Aunt Moria, Boaz (age one and a half) David (age five and a half) and Naomi (age seven and a half). It was fun playing with them!

The only interesting part was the forts. Nafplio is a port and there are 3 forts protecting it. One on an island, one on a cliff and one on a mountain. We went to two of them: the one on the island and the one on the mountain. The easier to get to was the one on the island. We took a ferry to it. It was a small fort, fun to explore with soaring ramparts and labyrinthine passages. It was probably older than any building in the US, sung on it’s little island, watching over the port like a other lion protecting her cubs. The second fort was much bigger and harder to get to. We walked to the base of the mountain expecting to see a trail winding up. But instead we found…stairs. I estimated we climbed about 1000 steps that day. First we climbed 600 steps. As we did so we got a breathtaking view of the roaring ocean pounding against the rocks like an imprisoned beast spewing columns of spray into the air. After climbing 600 steps we reached the lowest part of the fort. We assumed we were done - how wrong we were! Just to get to the center of the fort there were another 400 steps to be climbed! The fort was very much like the other one, very old with a labyrinth of passages. After we explored it we limped back down to our hotel with our legs threatening to collapse. Next stop Israel!!!”

Amit: “When we reached the hotel we gasped. It was beautiful. We had cousins coming so we got to play with them. On the second day we went to the port. We waited for a boat, my mom got balloons and we played with them. Then we went to an island and explored a castle. It was amazing! On the next day we climbed a mountain with a castle on it. My bother said there must have been more than a 1,000 steps - I personally think he just said so because he was tired. “

Amit summarizes Greece: “My opinion on Greece: it was very interesting because of all the history and how they managed to bring up all those stones to build the Parthenon. The food was OK, sometimes good sometimes bad. The people were boring because I could not understand them. We rode lots of trains, they were very comfortable but one time the assistant driver smoked”.

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10th January 2010

I absolutely agree with the sentence: que es buenisimo para los ninos, que por cierto escriben mejor que varios adultos que conozco Hugs Tutu
15th January 2010

Dear Liora, Ilan, Shakked, Amit and Maytal, thanks for all the travel updates and pictures we have gotten from you so far! It has been fun to read about all the adventures you have had in Mexico and Greece. It makes me want to go too! By the way I think that Shakked and Amit are very good, observant and descriptive writers!...and I love Maytal's smile in the pictures! I hope you are enjoying your time in Israel right now. How long will you stay there? I hope to send you an email soon Liora with news and pictures from here. Love to the five of you and happy travels, Maaike and fam.
20th January 2010

1,000 steps? Wow!
Selilah thinks Maytal looks cute in her clothes. Nesya thinks she looks way older and it looks like she's standing. How lucky you got to meet your cousins, aunt, and uncle in Greece. Did you suffer from the steps? I'm sure your parents appreciated those 1,000 steps -- they gave them a break while you rested your feet, and probably made you very eager to sit on an airplane again. Have fun in Israel!!!
29th January 2010

Hermosas las fotos.Que chevere es leer de sus aventuras.Muchos besos para los cumpleaneros.Cuidense mucho y sigansela pasando super bien.Los queremos y Extranamos.

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