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June 6th 2012
Published: June 8th 2012
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Splendiferous sailing...
Much has happened in the x number of days since my last blog....

Kevin has been up the mast of Gold of Ophir to do a bit of repair work for Dave. He had to enlist the help of Mike, Dave and John to ensure he was able to get up and down safely. But fortunately Dave's mast also has steps, which made the exercise a whole lot easier!

We've also been back to Mitikas, where Lynne collected excess fish off the dock and was given sardines (from a fishing boat) for the feral cats. And the mountains where we picked fresh peas, lettuce and leeks from the garden for dinner; bought gavros from the fishmonger who drives up to the mountain village - tooting his horn to announce his arrival - from the nearby town of Astakos; had a lesson on how feta cheese is made, from one of the village ladies; and went to another fiesta to celebrate the 'Protector' (probably a saint) of a neighbouring village.

The fiesta was a spectacle - with the usual horse racing, (200) sheep on spits and the ubiquitous live singing, accompanied by the off-key (to western ears) clarinet, and Greek Dancing. There were 6 or 7 singers sitting in a row, each taking turns to sing. As a result there was constant music and dancing throughout the afternoon - until the heavens opened, everyone got drenched and the party came to an abrupt end!

The 'girls' - Miss Biffles, Trish the Dish and Ren Pen - have arrived. And sailing has just not been the same since.... For almost every comment made Trish will find a song to sing. Her microphone is the winch handle! Or the salt cellar, or whatever else comes to hand...And all the girls join in to sing - and dance, when they can! Biffles keeps baffling us (and having us in fits of laughter) with her astonishing knowlege and use of the English language. (Today's lesson was about the recalcitrant fly...) And Ren educates us regarding all things medical, and regularly has us busting at the seams with mirth too! We have never laughed so much!

In between all this we have had some lovely sailing too! We have been up to breathtaking Emerald Bay on anti-Paxos and glorious Gaios on Paxos, where we came across a street party and a live

Kevin going up Dave's mast
band who played music from Bill Haley to Credence Clear Water! The Italians in the crowd were master dancers and enticed us to dance the night away!

We are now back down south and if the weather plays ball we will be heading to Kioni on Ithaca tomorrow.

Additional photos below
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I'm sure these beads came from Africa...!

A herdsman in all his finery

Look at the silver work on his teeth!

This is harder than it looks...

Clarinet player, singers and dancers. All in a glade of Plane trees. What a beautiful setting

Note the ceremonial pom poms on this herdsman's shoes!

Food glorious food!

And then the rain came...

A gypsy woman collecting the leftovers

Lynne buying gavros from the fishmonger

Dinner! Yum yum!

Kitty trying to get to her sardines. The chickens thought they were very yummy too!

Dimitra does the family washing by hand outside whether it's Summer or Winter. In Winter when it's really cold she uses hot water...

Our feta lesson. Milk chiller. Curds separated from whey. Seems a kind of yeast added to curd, then placed in bag and left for 20 days. Voila! Feta!

Lynne and Lola! Lola used to be a school teacher. At this ripe age she is still hiking up the hill and milking the goats every day. What a smile.

How is this for a proboscis!

8th June 2012

All sounds too good to be true Morag, but then it is greece. Hope it continues. Keep up with the blog. Love to you both
9th June 2012

Hey Mags
Your pics are really lovely, you have a wonderful eye! What a treat to read about what you have been up to. x
11th June 2012

boring Oxies
Well after the Bifflers, us Oxies will be boring company, as we can't sing, were kicked out of dance lessons and will never be able to dance all night. See you guys soon, love Charlie
11th June 2012

Can't wait to see you Oxies!
12th June 2012

Hi the WL's - looks like you are having an absolutely wonderful time, and the weather is playing ball as well. We are having a cold spell - down to 3 deg in the mornings and around 20 odd at it's peak. Morag please ask Kevin for some advice - I want to buy a battery charger and would like his input, it is for my car's 2nd deep cycle battery. Look forward to more interesting photo's. Love from us all.
14th June 2012

Oh my word, 3 deg! Yikes. Think we might have to stay here a bit longer then....We are having a ball.
14th June 2012

Hey Deb, so glad to see you've had a look and enjoyed the blog.

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