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June 14th 2012
Published: June 14th 2012
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Idyllic Kioni. This is postcard stuff.
We got to Kioni in good time and so found a great spot on the town quay, with a fair bit of space for more boats.

Kioni is a quaint little town with a lovely harbour. But, there is only space on the quay for about 25 boats - at a push! Well, by the end of the afternoon a whole load of boats had come in and 3 flotillas to boot! There were about 65 boats tucked in, or should I say SQUEEZED into every nook and cranny! The flotilla leaders were top n tailing some of their boats and there were loads rafted up together with lines to the rocks on the other side of the harbour.

In the late afternoon we decided to have Fredo Cuppacinos at the cafe across the harbour. As we were sitting enjoying our drinks we noticed a veritable flotilla of dinghies in various states of repair and 'inflatedness' rowing around the harbour. I also noticed some people with rather strange head gear....

A little later we discovered that one of the flotillas was holding a two-man blindfolded dinghy race. The person rowing was blindfolded and the second person had to

Dinghy race. Does it matter which way we go...?
give directions...! What a giggle. In no time at all there was absolute chaos with collisions and boats heading off to every corner of the harbour.... A good laugh was had by all!

And we didn't even have to pay for the afternoon's entertainment. 😄

We spent two wonderful days at Kioni and then headed off to Kastos, which is positively rustic (perhaps wild would be a better description) by comparison, then a stop at Port Leonie, on Kalamos. And then we decided to shock the girls' senses with a stop at Mitikas (a very Greek town, not usually on the tourist route!) and a trip up the hill to Kandela and dinner at Marianthi's!

Port Leonie was once a thriving hamlet, but when the earthquake hit in 1953, the homes were destroyed and the water supply was damaged beyond repair. As a result it was abandoned. All that remains in tact is the Church, which the locals visit on a regular basis to paint and maintain!

The beach at Mitikas turned out to be a hit! And we have now nicknamed it 'Trishie's Beach'! It had small pebbles, very blue and calm sea and it

The Dad (with the hat) and Daughter team gave up and got a tow home
even had sand! Just the combination Trish was looking for. She paddled the day away! What a great end to the girls' holiday!

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A picture says a thousand words

We walked to this beach on Kioni and spent the morning sun bathing and swimming

One House Bay

A tiny secluded beach on Kastos, where we went for an early morning swim

The Windmill at Kastos. A cafe bar with the most exquisite view

Port Leonie with the church in the background. The girls swam and went for a walk around the abandoned village

Rather sad, but a great lunch and swim stop

Marianthi with Kevin and Daniel

Dinner at Marianthi's in Kandela

Trishie's Beach at Mitikas

This is not an old wrecked, sunken boat. When wooden boats are built they are filled with water and submerged for a period of time so the wood absorbs water and expands to ensure the boat is properly sealed.

Mitikas. Some innovative artwork...

View down an alleyway in Mitikas. Imagine this as your view as you walk down your main street at home...

Robin and Ann enjoying sundowners on their boat, Pelagos, in Mitikas

The girls all ready for dinner on the beach. As we were doing our pose Biffles got cramp in her foot! ;-)

15th June 2012

What a hooot!
Hi Mac, awesome blog looking so professional, envy you all in the lovely weather, very chilly in Durbs at the moment and the strangest of weather, rain and wind. Love to you all
15th June 2012

Hi Sweets! Delighted to hear from you. Really does sound like weird weather. I still had two blankets on last night mind you. Glad you enjoyed blog. X
15th June 2012

Cannot Wait
Have you left any wonderful little places for us to go to!! It all looks too fantastic, especially the food. Just left the babysitting, so can now concerntrate on the adventure ahead. If you need anything that you have not already mentioned we have tomorrow to get it. Lots of love, Judy
15th June 2012

Eye for a photo
Your pic's make us view our neck of the wood with renewed awe! We are soooo blessed to live here - thank you for bringing it so to life. xxxx
15th June 2012

Love you blog...great pics, Macky...wish I was there with you guys. Love to you and Kev
16th June 2012

Thank you
Dear Morag, I am so enjoying reading your travel blog! Thank you for sharing your adventures and beautiful photos. You are truly blessed to be able to travel, see and experience these wonderful places. Safe travels! Enjoy! Love Doreen
17th June 2012

Hi Doreen, Delighted that you have been on the blog. Thanks for the message. Yes, I am truly blessed. Lol

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