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September 15th 2013
Published: September 5th 2017
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Old church inside fortressOld church inside fortressOld church inside fortress

Me walking, Mom shooting
Geo: 39.6178, 19.9196

So we went to the island of Corfu. We got there at the usual time of around 8am and they started disembarking soon after. We had no official tour set up for this port so we just took the ship shuttle offered and went to the town. The bus dropped us off right next to an old fort sitting on a point offering some sort of protection to the town in days past. You could walk all the way to the top for a great vantage point of the town but Mom said no to that. So I was content to wander about the lower portion, taking pictures of walls, coastline and massive architectural structures from unique angles to add interest to much of what we had seen in places before. I put Karen in a few shots to add excitement.

We then left there and headed through a park to the town for a bit of shopping. We did a small circle through the streets, all while I listened to constant questioning, "What time is it? Do we need to get back? We should go now." But when an interesting shop appears, the questioning ceases which buys peace and
Entrance to fortressEntrance to fortressEntrance to fortress

The fortress moat is lined with shanties along the wall. Poor people living here.
quiet for me, although at some cost I'm sure since a bag most always appears in her hand.

We stopped and talked to Helen and Leo from our Santorini trip and then boarded the bus back to the ship, a trip lasting 20 minutes or so. Some guy at the port was frantically looking for his ship card to clear customs and board. His wife was trying to find it for him when security took him away.

The Internet was down so I couldn't post any new blog entries. We watched a couple of shows and listened to music by the pool, then went back to the room for the night.

One activity that has kept me somewhat amused since we began our journey is watching for T shirt violators, you know, those that wear a t shirt in the same place and time that they bought it. According to TJ, "That's not right!" At least wait until the next port. Mom can tell you that I have strictly adhered to the sanctions set forth by TJ on previous biker runs and have not violated that sacred pact we established years ago.

Mom is looking forward to tomorrow, a sea day. Finally, rest.

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It's a beautiful view from the fortress
Light house above fortLight house above fort
Light house above fort

Mom is pointing to it but that's it. She's not going up there.
In townIn town
In town

Mom checking out the town of Corfu
This could cost me moneyThis could cost me money
This could cost me money

Got to keep her moving
Pillow coversPillow covers
Pillow covers

They had cat ones too. You'll see them soon
Inside a McDonaldsInside a McDonalds
Inside a McDonalds

Yes, they are everywhere. I took pictures of their menus when possible.
Dresses too?Dresses too?
Dresses too?

No, I lucked out on these.
Our bus passes?Our bus passes?
Our bus passes?

I have no idea why she's holding these or why I even took this picture
Back on boardBack on board
Back on board

A sail a way bash on board

19th September 2013

you will lose serious writing points if you did that
19th September 2013

21st September 2013

I agree with this rule!!!! Hehe
21st September 2013

Gma you look so good! Man why didn't I get your nockers!!!! Lol miss you! Can't wait til you're home!
21st September 2013

Papa!!! I love your shots!
21st September 2013

You look so sexy with your red nails!!!! Muahhhh
21st September 2013


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