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Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town July 16th 2019

We field an early morning call from Issy’s mum and her brother Tony. Issy tells her Mum that she’d get very fit going to church here in Greece, as all the churches seem to be at the tops of mountains. We’ve noticed that Greek monasteries are often on mountains, but this gets us wondering if the churches in the monasteries are only for the monks; perhaps ordinary Greeks go to other less noticeable churches at more manageable altitudes. We briefly consider ringing Issy’s Mum back to reassure her that if she moved here she’d probably still be able to go to church without needing to invest in mountaineering gear, but after further careful thought we conclude that perhaps it’s not all that likely that Issy’s Mum would ever want to move to Greece, so we decide ... read more
Corfu Donkey Rescue Centre
Resident, Corfu Donkey Rescue Centre
More residents, Corfu Donkey Rescue Centre

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town July 13th 2019

We feel that we‘re getting to know our hotel neighbours quite well. We’re quite surprised at how much we’ve been able to deduce about them just by listening to the noises that come into our room from their bathroom via the window in the light well. ”Listening” is probably not quite the right word; “not being able to avoid hearing” is probably a better description. We know that they prefer baths to showers, and on this basis we decided yesterday that they were probably English. The conversation we hear through the window this morning confirms this to be correct. They don’t sound like they’ve eaten any dodgy food while they’ve been here, at least not yet. I wonder what they're saying about us. We found out when we were in Crete that the locals are called ... read more
Corfiotes deep in conversation, Corfu Town
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Corfu Town

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town June 10th 2016

Vrijdag 10/06/2016 – Sarandë Naar het Grieks eiland Corfu met de boot, een aftandse Hydrofoil, maar varen deed ie nog. Een toerbus met lokale Griekse gids wachtte ons op bij aankomst. Eerst douanecontrole voor EU-citizens. Moest wel even mijn zonnebril afzetten. Die Grieken doen hun werk. Dan bracht de bus ons naar Achillion Palace. Ooit seizoensverblijf van Sissi. Onze gids was er helemaal weg van. Keizer Wilhelm II had er ook zijn bed staan. Die mannen zaten dus overal. Koekendozenromantiek is niet zo mijn dada. Toch blijkbaar dé verplichte stop op Corfu, gezien de drukte van aangevoerde Cruise passagiers, te herkennen aan de invasie van Japanezen. We werden dan nog verder rondgereden voor de noodzakelijke fotostops, en dan rondgeleid in het oude stadscentrum, waar men ons losliet in de toeristische straatjes vol met allerlei winkeltjes, prularia, ... read more
Corfu - Paleis van Sisi
Corfu - beeld van Sisi
Corfu - kapel van Sisi

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town August 14th 2015

Geo: 39.6178, 19.9196The last time we came to Corfu, which was again off a ship, we were so hung over that all we did was stagger round a museum, have a beer and come back. This time we thought we ought to see a bit more of the place so we were on a coach hurtling along the very narrow roads. Several times we ran into cars or other coaches which had to reverse to let us pass. At least we got a taste of the island which I must say I would not come and stay at. It was probably a delightful island at some point but is now full of hotels and tourist bars.Our guide today was some mad old Greek woman who did not use the audio machines so unless you were close ... read more
Monastery entrance
mad greek guide by well
belfry of monastery

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town June 18th 2015

PANORAMA - Paleokastritsa Bay And then we landed in Corfu. This was totally out of our original plan. But, it was a creative way to keep moving. Plan B now included a four day stay in Corfu, a flight to Santorini with an overnight there, and then an early morning ferry to Sifnos. Which is where we are now, but back to Corfu. Call us crazy, but we like to stay out by Mouse Island and the airport. Mouse Island is one of the most scenic spots in Corfu town and the airport can be very entertaining. Yes, it's a bit loud, but so fun to watch the planes land and take-off from the causeway in the middle of the approach way to the runway. We have gone there for years and it's just a silly ... read more
Causeway under the approach to the airport
The Causeway
The Old Fortress

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town May 3rd 2015

CORFU Sunday 3rd May 2015 Before going to bed last night it was another time change - clocks forward an hour so we can be on Greek time. Having left Messina, we travelled along the Messina Strait around the toe of Italy and travelled towards the island of Corfu. Another glorious day greeted us, a late breakfast before heading off into Corfu Town. Corfus main income is from tourism with its main export is olive oil. The shuttle dropped us at the Spilia gate near the old port. The old quarter is likened to Venice with its tall houses and narrow alleys and the British influence is evident with the bandstand and the cricket square (an all weather strip now). Our walk took us from the 'New Fort' a 16th century Venetian construction with the British ... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town August 1st 2014

Amazing beaches, all types ... but roads are narrow on many, many hills and drivers (including tourists) are crazy!... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town October 21st 2013

We awake to bright sunshine and on looking out we find we are just about to dock in Corfu. Holland America line ship Ryndam is already docked as is Armonia which has followed us down from Dubrovnik. We are in the new port which is a little distance from Corfu town but the old port is just too small to accommodate ships this big. We eat breakfast in the main dining room and as we have a table to ourselves it's much quicker. We quickly disembark and decide to head to Corfu Town. There are shuttle buses parked as you get off but these are $10. Most people opt for the local buses which pick up near the port gate and cost just €3 return. As it's such a beautiful morning we decide to walk. The ... read more
Old Fortress
Greek Salad

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town September 16th 2013

Sunday, Sept. 15 - A sea day This is the only sea day on this voyage and we enjoyed every relaxing minute, From now on it is port after port. To give us this sea day, the Captain slows the vessel and, at night, stops the engines entirely. We are in the Ionian Sea and cruising north to our first port, Kerkira, on the Island of Corfu. We have a leisurely breakfast in the dining room where I was able to snag a glass of milk with only two tries. Checked out my bill and noticed that my CCL shareholder credit had not been posted. Provided the Front Desk with the paper work and should see it on Tuesday. This has not been my best packing experience. I was undecided whether to bring my white slacks ... read more
Steak Diane

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu » Corfu Town September 15th 2013

Geo: 39.6178, 19.9196So we went to the island of Corfu. We got there at the usual time of around 8am and they started disembarking soon after. We had no official tour set up for this port so we just took the ship shuttle offered and went to the town. The bus dropped us off right next to an old fort sitting on a point offering some sort of protection to the town in days past. You could walk all the way to the top for a great vantage point of the town but Mom said no to that. So I was content to wander about the lower portion, taking pictures of walls, coastline and massive architectural structures from unique angles to add interest to much of what we had seen in places before. I put Karen ... read more
Entrance to fortress
Light house above fort

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