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August 4th 2007
Published: August 28th 2007
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fires on Kefaloniafires on Kefaloniafires on Kefalonia

This was just a short drive up our hotel road ont he island of Kefalonia.
On Monday, August 26, Arlene, Myrna, and I arrived back in Athens on the Blue Star ferry from the island of Rhodes. What a wonderful 2 week trip to Kos and Rhodes. But first I only want to mention the terrible wild forest fires that have occurred over the last 5 days in Greece. Although there were absolutely so many fires I will make mention of a few places and make general comments only as I have watched T V and have heard from my relatives about the fires, but do not know all the facts. Firstly it is felt that many of these fires may have been started although not a proven fact. Unfortunate. The main fires were on the Island of Evia, that is where Arlene and Nick's family have a summer home, although fortunately it did not touch their village of Nea Styra, but did cover so many kilometers of the island. I personally drove through a few of these areas of previously beautiful olive trees, cyprus trees, pine trees etc. some so old and all so beautiful. The forest areas are so beautiful. But it is so dry here and the winds were so high which contributed
Fire from a distance ont he island of KefaloniaFire from a distance ont he island of KefaloniaFire from a distance ont he island of Kefalonia

We were at the beech and saw smoke, not realizing that the fire was just meters from our hotel. On our return, we had to wait several hours prior to returning to our hotel. We watched the sky till 3 am befoe going to bed worried.
to the ravaging fires. Also so many villages and houses included were burnt, plus so much history. Also a number of people lost their lives, about 60. Another very unfortunate thing, plus so many animals. It will take a very long time to be able to restore their forests and homes. The other big fires were close to where nephew Alex lives, in the mountains behind Amaliada, another beautiful place including a farming community. The TV stations were filming only the fires 24 hours a day showing Ya Ya's and PaPou's (Grandmother and Grandfathers) carrying pails of water to try put out a large fire and carrying olive branches to try put out the fires. It is so difficult to bring the water to these mountain areas. During the day the saving was a water planes that dropped buckets of water. Today this morning now the TV has stopped the 24 hour view of the fires as they seem to be slowly getting better, but still not over with. We hope today that things will improve even more. My heart goes out to all the families of Greece that suffered from this terrible tragedy.

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The Candian Water planeThe Candian Water plane
The Candian Water plane

At our beech, we were amazed to see the water planes in front of us glide along the water to pick up water to help put our the fires. We were proud of the Canadian plane.
The canadian plane dropping water on the firesThe canadian plane dropping water on the fires
The canadian plane dropping water on the fires

We were all amazed at watching the events
The fires of KefaloniaThe fires of Kefalonia
The fires of Kefalonia

This is what we saw on our return from the beech close to our hotel. Unfortunate.
Another view of the fire on KefaloniaAnother view of the fire on Kefalonia
Another view of the fire on Kefalonia

We were worried about staying at our hotel, almost ready to pack up, but were assured by fire dept that all would be ok at this time and place.
on island of Eviaon island of Evia
on island of Evia

after the fire went through

another view after the fires
More burned forest on EviaMore burned forest on Evia
More burned forest on Evia

We were sad as we drove through the fire area
Burnt forestBurnt forest
Burnt forest

In Evia along our drive
Sad to see thisSad to see this
Sad to see this

Island of Evia

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