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June 19th 2011
Published: June 19th 2011
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The Temple of ApolloThe Temple of ApolloThe Temple of Apollo

4th Centruy B.C.
We were on the bus again today for another long drive. Our first stop was at Thermopyles, where the 300 Spartans made an incredible effort holding off the much bigger Persian army. The Spartans finally lost the battle, but it is one of the more famous battles in world history. It was difficult to see the mountain pass with all the tree growth, but you could see where the Persians didn’t have that many options due to the large mountain range on one side and the water on the other side.

Next it was on to our hotel for an early check-in and lunch. We had a little free time before going on to Delphi. Several of us walked into town, others went to the pool, and some just rested.

When the temperature cooled down, we made our way to Delphi. This site goes back several hundred years B.C. and is home to the Temple of Apollo and the oracle. Just like the other day with the monasteries, this site was unbelievable. The blend of nature and ancient history along with the saturation of knowledge that we are acquiring with every step is almost too much. Each day I find myself trying to remember it all and trying to keep everything organized in my head, but it is almost impossible. I know I will be researching all of this again once I get home.

As we made our way up to the Temple, we had plenty of photo opportunities. The most impressive site was the Temple of Apollo. You’ll see plenty of pictures below. Tomorrow morning we will be visiting the Delphi museum and seeing the artifacts and learning even more about this incredible place.

Check out the video I’ll try to add to the blog. You’ll get to see the mountains that surrounded the Temple of Apollo. (if internet connection speed doesn't allow me to do this now, I'll do it another day.)

Additional photos below
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Narrow Strip of LandNarrow Strip of Land
Narrow Strip of Land

This is the land that the Persians came in on to attack the 300 Spartans.
Grave SiteGrave Site
Grave Site

of the Spartans who died defending this narrow strip of land.
Mountain PassMountain Pass
Mountain Pass

Hard to see with the tree growth.
Twists and TurnsTwists and Turns
Twists and Turns

Going over the mountains.
Father's DayFather's Day
Father's Day

This was my card from Ada and Nolan. Notice she signed her name.
Reaching to the SkyReaching to the Sky
Reaching to the Sky

Columns from the Temple.
Red HatsRed Hats
Red Hats

Notice the red hats over the tables.

20th June 2011
The Temple of Apollo

This is a great picture!! You need to make it your new profile pic for your blog.
20th June 2011
Twists and Turns

I know you are having a wonderful time, the scenry is beautiful. Hope you take lots of pictures and video. I have been going to turtoring with Ms.Jennifer Mull this summer for reading and math. I got my tonsils out last Friday and I am doing well and will not get to eat "real" food until the end of the week. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
20th June 2011

Daisy, thank you for checking out my blog. There is so much beauty over here in Greece and I'm learning so much. I can't wait to share all of it with you and your classmates next year. Keep working hard over the summer. Enjoy. Mr. Aten

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