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June 24th 2008
Published: June 24th 2008
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Tour busses of the size found here in Greece
are NOT meant to wend through ancient streets meant for
horse and carriages
and Peugeots

so we rented a car (a Peugeot)
and made our way from from the Athens airport
(first taking a bus from Napflio, then a taxi to the airport)
and went to Delphi
which was not an easy day trip away from Kalampaka
as our travel agent had insisted

Windy, windy roads
as in
twisty, turny, easily car sick roads up and up and up
severe switch backs and cars passing big trucks on iffy turns
and the trucks expecting us to do the same
"No way! Ya right!"

following the road signs in Greek makes for some fast learning
"I think that's an L, go right."
but the English signs would follow 10 meters later
but finding the route through little towns and their
round-abouts was hairy.
We hit rush hour in one town at 11:30 pm
the streets were crowded with people walking to dinner

but we found Delphi
the ruins
at an ideal time
although still hot
and only encountered one large group of
American pre-teens
hoo doggies...

the size of the place is hard to grasp because the
canyon walls are towering
so looking at the 5 remaining columns of the Temple of Apollo
where the Oracle of Delphi gave her schpiels
could have different reactions
looking at a column with the far canyon wall behind it
made it seem puny
but a nearby focal point behind it
gave it the clout of an impressive structure

we heard the marble was brought from Athens
some 200 miles away
and THEN up the rocky terrain
hoo doggies...

stone waterways could still be seen
we wished they would've been converted into a
water slide
but it's a world heritage sight
so i guess that's not allowed...
also not allowed
i'm guessing
are plays in the theater
which would be amazing
although necessary to bring a pillow
for the stone seats

love and archeology


29th June 2008

love your doogy bloogy
howdy lily, what a treat to read your daily updates.......... now, was that windy windy or windy windy--- english is so weird. news here--- went on the " Livestrong Challenge Bike ride and tim was able to stay up with the lance meister himself for the last 6 miles. i was left in the proverbial dust. how is your dad's knee??? sounds like he is trying to do too much. keep up the good work, say hi to em, my sister, and your dad. love, t and p

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