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February 23rd 2019
Published: February 23rd 2019
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On my last day in Greece, I took a one-day cruise from Athens to Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. After four days of climbing and trekking through temples, I figured a day on the water would be a nice way to end the week.

About mid-way to our first stop of Hydra, we were invited to the dining hall for a demonstration and lesson of traditional Greek dancing. I enjoyed watching the volunteers take part in the learning. An Australian woman talked me in to participating – she twisted my rubber arm to do it. It was so much fun even if I was the only one who fell.

We arrived into the port in Hydra. Other than motorized vehicles for garbage pick-up, there are no other vehicles on the island. It was a casual spot where we could roam around the waterfront or take a donkey ride up the mountains. Since I was now short of cash, I had forgone the donkey ride even though I think it would have been a blast.

On our way to the next stop of Poros, we were treated to a large buffet lunch. I think I gained at least ten pounds just on the ship.

We arrived into Poros shortly after lunch. It was a short 45 minute stop which was long enough to take in some souvenir shopping and photo ops.

Our final destination was Aegina. Aegina is home to the Temple of Zeus Hellanios as well as the Monastery of Agios Nectarios and the Temple of Aphaea. As I was short of cash, I couldn't take in any of the guided tours being offered.

As I was walking past the row of shops, some kittens came wandering up to us. One was missing an eye and I wanted to take her home with me. I just couldn’t figure out how to get her past customs.

Instead of taking in the tours, I decided to take a walk along the waterfront. During my week in Greece, I wondered if I would have the opportunity to see the inside of a Greek church. There was a church across the street from the end of the boardwalk with its doors open. I wondered if they permitted visitors to enter and have a look around.

I cross the street and walked through the open doors. My breath was instantly taken away. It was one of the most beautiful churches I had ever laid my eyes on. It almost made me want to convert to Greek Orthodox.

When we boarded the boat for the final time, we were invited to the dining hall again. The dancer from earlier in the day and a partner were going to perform some Greek dances in traditional attire. Unfortunately, I was seated in a bad position so I couldn’t get good photos or videos.

We arrived in Athens late that night. We were greeted by the Acropolis, brightly lit up to welcome us back. I don’t remember my head hitting my pillow that night when I went to bed.

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