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August 26th 2009
Published: September 6th 2009
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Madrid Algiciras gibralterSUMMATRY FOR TRAVEL BLOG

Madrid was a quick stop of about 5 hours befor I had to get my train, which was on the other side of town and made for a good excuse to tour through the big sights. I saw the big ones and I was not blown away, much of the sights seemed to be under construction. I did see some cool identical towers that reminded me of V for Vendeta. I tried some freaking great paistries in a shop near a government office where I got in trouble for taking a picture. Then I was off to the south.

The train ride to Algociras was the best part of Algiciras. It was a slummy port city and I was not impressed. 

The next day I went to Gibraltar! This was about the best decision ever. First ridin the bus there the rock starts to slowly show it's face and it is beautiful! I get off and make the famous walk across the runway to get into the country, unfortunantly I did not get the thrill of a plane coming in. There were many oppertunities to get tours and ride the lift to the top but I thought I would like the chalange and could always snag one latter on. I stopped of for lunch befor my hike. Since it the Brits have a big influence here I got some fish and chips and a beer. I was shocked when the waiter brought me half a cod deep fried that was longer than my oval plate! After a meal and a half I start the trek. After about a mile I realize no one else is hiking and that it is because it is hot and very humid. I make it to the gate where I have to pay one euro to hike up. I seriously consider the bus for a minute but later relizr it was not an option since it was a one way road that I was doing backward. As I get higher it cools and there is a wind and I feel alot better. The whole way up there are caves and different sites that men have made over time for the many wars that have used this site. I make it to Prince Charels Wall which lead me straight to the top. Where I am co fronted by two monkies cleaning each other an one with a little baby on it's back. Tourists are on the other side of the stairs fro them and I do not know how close I can get to them (I saw that movie outbreak) so iwait for them to go. Right past them I learn that they are climbing on people and cars and everything, just having a ball of a time. I hike to two different summits of the rock and bothe are amazing! Both have old WWII forts that you can explore, which reminds me of Fort Warrden. Oh ya, and there is about the most amazing view ever! Africa to Europe, Mediterranean to Atlantic. It was spitacular. On the Mediterranean side you could see about two dozen tankers ready to come to port just waiting.  All in all Gibraltar is a place that I recomend a visit to. To say the least!


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