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December 21st 2014
Published: December 21st 2014
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Sup peeps,

Today I told myself I would create a blog to just jot down tidbits of cool information during my travels to help share with my family and friends! I'm very humbled that God's given me the opportunity to see all of these places in such a short span of time. With that said, I want to continue by saying that without God I wouldn't be able to do any of this. Before I joined the greatest force out there, I prayed that he would allow me to do this and so far he's really shown me that he really exists.

Its Christmas time. Lets not forget why we celebrate and cherish everything in our lives. From our homes, food, parents, shelter, spouses, children, you name it. Be grateful and keep Christ in Christmas for god's sake....

....Busy few days coming up. Going to Italy next, so that'll be what I'll be yappin about on Facebook and possibly on here.

Peace out



22nd December 2014

Love the blog
keep up the blog B looks good youve been so many places so lots to write about..
22nd December 2014

Thank you!

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