Germany 2013 - Sept 15 - A Burg and French Pastry

Published: September 18th 2013
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Picture of the BurgPicture of the BurgPicture of the Burg

Eagle Eye view that we couldn't get
Today we set out to visit a “Burg” in Southern Germany. Britta and Osse took us to Burg Berwartstein. Berwartstein "Castle" belongs to a category of rock castles that were part of Palatinate defenses during the Middle Ages. Stairs, passages and rooms are carved out of rock to form a complete living system which was essential to defending the castle.

There’s a good story about one of the original owners, the Knight (Ritter) Hans Trapp. He was given Berwartstein as a fiefdom and became a robber baron. Kind of like Robin Hood but he kept the money, stealing from travelers and fighting with the monks in Wissembourg who felt he should not have the castle. His symbol was a raven, which is known for taking shiny things like rings. His legend grew with children in France as the frightening "Black Knight". He’s now thought of as St. Nick's helper who punishes bad boys and girls.

After exploring the Burg a bit, we ventured into Alsace, France to see Wissembourg, a charming town, and experience a French pastry shop there that Britt and Osse like. The desserts were like art-work. All were very good, rich, and decadent. After we got

The Raider Knight
back to Edigheim, we went back to our favorite Italian place. It’s starting to feel like home there. Brian got a Calzone as big as his head as you can see. More Espresso and Grappa to end the day.

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No..Brian is not in there.
I'm King of the WorldI'm King of the World
I'm King of the World

A view from the top
I'm ThinkingI'm Thinking
I'm Thinking

Not really

Our tour guides
Castle SelfieCastle Selfie
Castle Selfie

We take selfies cause we have no friends.
New FriendNew Friend
New Friend

A Group Photo at the BurgA Group Photo at the Burg
A Group Photo at the Burg

Not a bad looking bunch of explorers
Circle of Life Part IICircle of Life Part II
Circle of Life Part II

Small animals don't do well around here
Amy liked this shotAmy liked this shot
Amy liked this shot

I don't know why
French PastriesFrench Pastries
French Pastries

They are like art
Peggie and BrittaPeggie and Britta
Peggie and Britta

Making their choices
Amy and CakeAmy and Cake
Amy and Cake

She picked the one with a cherry on top

Double chocolate for him
In FranceIn France
In France

She didn't talk much
German FamilyGerman Family
German Family

Aren't they cute?
French VillageFrench Village
French Village

Wissembourg was pretty

It was as big as my head

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