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Published: August 8th 2007
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Here I am, EXACTLY!!!!!!!!

Hallo Schnuckis of the world.

We have a winner!!! And not only did he discover the city he also gave a lot of info about the pictures!!!

here is the X-file frm Jean-François!

Je me suis bien amusé à faire le google-détective.
Voici quelques conclusions de mon rapport top secret:
- Sony Centre
- Russian embassy (Unter den Linden 55/65)
- Soviet War Memorial (near Brandenberg Gate)
- Checkpoint Charlie -----------------------------------> this is a mistake I hadn't been there yet...
- New National Gallery (Sculpture Garden)

Bon, j'arrête car j'ai déjà passé une heure à ces conneries

So yes anyway I am in Berlin, I got on so well with Nadja in Mexico that I decided to meet her again here in Berlin!
But now Holiday is OVER I am coming back home this WE, sni, snif, snif...

As a little conclusion to this trip I have a list of Things I'd like to share with you.
And below you'll also find some more pictures of BERLIN!!!!

Kisses C u SOON


A List Of Things:

Things Lost or Stolen:
1Gb USB stick, forgotten in internet café
Opinel knife,
stolen in rucksack in airport
Sunglasses, lost while bicycling in Tulum

Total hours bus drives in Mexico:
Mexicali - Guerrero Negro: 18H
Geurero Negro - La Paz : 11H
La Paz - San Jose del Cabo : 3H
Merida - Izamal (allez-retour): 4H
Merida - Valladolid : 4H
Valladolid - Tulum : 2H
Tulum - Palenque :11H
Palenque - Oaxaca : 15H
Oaxaca - Veracruz (allez-retour) : 12H
Oaxaca - Pochutla (Zipolite) : 8H
Total 88H!!!!!!!

Planes taken:
Mexico City - Mexicali
Los Cabos - Mexico City
Mexico City - Merida
Huatulco (Zipolite) - Mexico City

Nights I drunk Too much: 2
Packets of cigarettes bought: 1
Single cigarettes bought: too many
Date of last cigarette : 29-04-2007

Colourful Wooden animals
Virgin Mary + Decorated Box with picture of Virgin Mary
Colourful blankets
Tequila Bottles
Papier-mâché Skeletons
Papier-mâché Chili
Sand from Zipolite
Sea shells
Nice Seeds
T-shirts (Punk + Mexican)
Army Cap
Escutcheon of Mexico (Ecusson)
Post Cards of Frida Kahlo
Luchador Mask (wrestler)

Additional photos below
Photos: 19, Displayed: 19



Pour Aïcha et Olivier...
The DevilThe Devil
The Devil

will be back in Belgium SOON!!!

10th May 2007

Berliner Mauer
Quelles belles chaussures tu as !!! Au fait, Ildegard avait trouvé "Berlin" Samedi dernier, mais elle a pas osé croire que ... Capt Irk
10th May 2007

Oui Oui
On dit toujours ca APRES.... :-))))
10th May 2007

Bon, comme cadeau de vainqueur, je prends le hammac

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