Zipolite und DF

Published: August 8th 2007
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Zipolite PlayaZipolite PlayaZipolite Playa

I LOVE the waves of Zipolite...
A lot of pictures, a little bit of text:

1) Zipolite: great beaches - got stuck there for a week...
2) El Cuadrilatero: the only thing you'll see regarding Lucha Libre, as I couldn't take pictures during the match. But this place is owned by a ex-luchador!!!
3) Some walls painted by Muraliste...
4) El Tianguis Cultural del Chopo: ZE Punk Market...
5) A bit of more of DF
6) the great encounter with Ze Big one on Ze Pyramid.... and I did see the light although I had no calecon propre.

Now I left Mexico....

Sorry no funny texts today but I am tired and as all the photos were uploaded I posted it anyway.

So see you soon and I'll tell you all everything LIve.



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Another little Quiz

How many Iguanas??? I see 4 and you

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