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March 14th 2005
Published: March 14th 2005
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City Of CologneCity Of CologneCity Of Cologne

Taken from across the Rhine
I just spent 2 days in Cologne. It is another fabulous German city. It’s most famous as being the home of the Cologne Cathedral (a UNESCO world heritage site). After having visited I can appreciate why. Construction on the gothic style cathedral began in 1248 and was completed in 1880. It didn’t actually take 632 years to build; the construction took place in stages. Inside the cathedral you’ll find the shrine containing relics of the 3 Magi. This is why the Cologne Cathedral has been a pilgrimage church. If you ever visit I highly recommend the guided tour.

Another thing you can do at the cathedral is climb the 509 steps to the observation platform within one of the cathedrals towers. Yes, I said 509. It’s a long way up a spiraling staircase. I’m not afraid of heights but I found myself a little woozy at moments along the way when I’d pass an opening in the wall and the wind would come howling in. The view at the top is worth the effort.

I also visited Museum Ludwig where you’ll find modern and contemporary art (Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol). Unfortunately, you can not take pictures inside this museum.
Cologne CathedralCologne CathedralCologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

However, pictures are allowed at the Imhoff-Stollwerck-Museum (Chocolate Museum)! This museum is worth the visit just for the smell. There’s information about how chocolate is made as well as a working chocolate factory where you can walk around and watch various chocolates being made. There’s a little train that will take you from the square outside the cathedral to this museum…so how could one say no.
Lastly, I recommend a stroll along the Rhine. There is a boardwalk that follows the river where you’ll find boats tours, artwork, restaurants, hotels and good people watching.

PS - In case you are wondering, eau de cologne was in fact invented in Cologne, by an Italian!

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Inside the CathedralInside the Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral

Facing up the centre aisle
Shrine Of The 3 MagiShrine Of The 3 Magi
Shrine Of The 3 Magi

Golden case which contains relics of the 3 Magi
509 Steps - Eat a good breakfast509 Steps - Eat a good breakfast
509 Steps - Eat a good breakfast

Spiral staircase up to the observation platform. It's a bit dizzying on the way up but worth it once you see the view
Cathedral BellsCathedral Bells
Cathedral Bells

You pass the cathedral bells on your way up the steps. They sound beautiful from the city. But they are very loud when you are standing next to them taking pictures when they ring...I know this from first hand experience ;-)
View From the TopView From the Top
View From the Top

View from Cologne Cathedral's observation tower. Facing the Rhine River.
Another View From the TopAnother View From the Top
Another View From the Top

View from Cologne Cathedral's observation tower. Facing the city.
The ShokoExpressThe ShokoExpress
The ShokoExpress

My ride to the Chocolate Museum.
Chocolates being made at the museum. Chocolates being made at the museum.
Chocolates being made at the museum.

The robot arm had a vacuum plate that picked up the chocolates as they came out of the mould. It would then place them on the conveyer belt where they would go through the wrapping machine.
Busker With PuppetsBusker With Puppets
Busker With Puppets

There are lots of buskers around the city. Many of them are very talented. Lots of classical musicians. This busker played the kazoo, accordian and ukelele and controlled the pupptes with his feet. The kids really enjoyed him because he would invite them to play the various instruments he had for them which made it most entertaining. I watched for about 30 minutes.
American Football?American Football?
American Football?

I'm not sure what this was promoting. It's very rare to see any reference to "American" football. People passing in the street thought it was hilarious. They actually pointed and laughed.

Sculpture found on the Rhine's boardwalk. It's made completely of scrap metal. It is also solar powered. Apparently, on rare occasions, it actually flaps it's wings.
Heidelberg to CologneHeidelberg to Cologne
Heidelberg to Cologne

Cologne is 257 Kilometres from Heidelberg

14th March 2005

American Football
Of course, this signals that training camp has begun for the NFL Europe's Cologne Centurions! Stoopid Germans... http://www.colognecenturions.com/ - Claude

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