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June 24th 2010
Published: June 25th 2010
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Having a slight homesick day. I though being alone would be easier then is has been, it seems I repel people and that sucks. I got on the wrong train today, it was going to the write place but I need a reservation for it. The lady was really nice and gave me two choices: Get off at the next stop and get on another train or buy a ticket which would have been €50. I of course got off in Leige, Belgium. I had a hour wait before my next train came so a grabbed a sandwich and sat on some steps and waited. I was weird hearing french in Belgium but that is what they speak in parts of Belgium. I finally got on the right train so I took my seat in first class which my pass allows me to, but the sign above the seat said reserved as all of them did. I decided to stay there until someone kicked me out. About an hour outside of Köln I was kicked out of my seat so I just sat on the floor between the carts. I became overwheled with all that was going on today so I started to cry.

I fianlly made it to Köln, my host Katja was not off work and home until 7:00pm. I put my bag in this locker thing that ate your bag and took it somewhere else and when you want it back you put in your ticket and wait then the door opens and there is your bag. Just outside the train station was the DOM cathredal, it is huge and for some reason I decided to climb ANOTHER belfry tower. I climbed to the top and it was an amazing view. I did not know it was 200 steps more then the one in Bruge, ah I am now the stair master. I then went and had a falafel dinner which was really, really good. The portions here are really big for the price you pay.

I went and picked up my bad from the luggage eater and caught the S-Bahn to the station that is close to Katja´s house. There was a park close by to her place so I parked my butt there until she arrived.

She had a cute little apartment. We grabbed a blanket and went to a store to buy a beer, The store owner opened the beer for us and we went to a park by the water and talked and enjoyed the beautiful day. I love that you can drink beer anywhere here, but people don´t abuse it and get drunk everywhere. Canada should catch on.

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26th June 2010

First time I hated being Canadian..
Canadians are retarded when it comes to beer drinking.. and driving.. and many other things.. Dood!! You should take a ride on the luggage eater!! Glad you're having fun babe and seeing and eating a lot of spectaculous things.. MISS YOU.. -Aaroooon..
26th June 2010

You will have such great memories
Hey Bebeau, sorry to hear you had some rough times, but just keep thinking of the once in a lifetime experience. You will look back on tuis and be so thankful you had the opportunity. Keep your thoughts light and just go with the flow, every misadventure is probably the moments you will have the best memories of! I cannot wait to see all your pics! Allan
26th June 2010

This too shall pass
Hey Lorriann, Just wanted to know, you aren't alone. I check your blog every day, looking forward to see your next adventure. I know it can be tough being by yourself, but I know how important this is to you and how strong of a person you are (even through you are a bit of a softy deep down). You'll get through it, because it is hard, those times your have human contact will be all the more memorable.
28th June 2010

Amazing Germany
Hello Sister. I am glad to hear of all your travels and the things you do. The Cathedral in Cologe is so amazing. All the stone work is incredible. Magnificent arcitecture.

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