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April 23rd 2007
Published: April 23rd 2007
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Well, we've arrived in Germany safe and sound 😊 It's 2:20 in the afternoon here, which is 8:20pm Eastern Time back in the States (Sorry...I was tired and meant to say 8:20am!!) and we're all pretty tired. We're in Hanau for the night and they're putting us on a bus to Mannheim first thing in the morning. If permanent housing is as nice as the temporary place they put us in I'll be pretty okay with living on post 😊

Our plane got into Frankfurt at 7:30 this morning and it took us a while to clear immigration, get all of our luggage and the dogs, and go through customs (which is where they look at the boys' medical paperwork). It all got slowed down because there were a lot of those big green Army duffels that came off the plane and we're pretty sure one of the soldiers grabbed Matt's because we never found it. It has all of his Army gear in there as well as our snowboard gear...so of course we're more upset about the snowboard gear!

Copper did SO much better than we thought he would! I had put a diaper on him but he didn't poop in his crate at all. Both boys were really anxious to get out of their crates and once we found the USO at the airport I was able to take them out and potty them. Then they put us on a bus to take us here to Hanau for Matt to sign in. I was shocked to see that they had a special holding room for pets as well as a fenced in grassy area out back with poopy bags so you could let your pets stretch their legs!

Everyone has been SO helpful here...we were pleasantly surprised at how willing everyone was to help us with our bags and the dog crates, so it's gone much more smoothly than we had thought. But, we still have a long ways to go before we're in housing with our own things lol. It will be an adventure, that's for sure.


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