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August 1st 2007
Published: August 30th 2007
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Hamburg from the ElbeHamburg from the ElbeHamburg from the Elbe

Looking down the Elbe to the port where all the big container ships go.
I took the train from Wedel to the centre of Hamburg with Elke and Kirsten to do some sightseeing.

But firstly, the run down on Hamburg... or rather the “Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg” if you want the official title. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and is also it’s own state. Hamburg it seems to me as a city is very understated and as a result it constantly surprises you. The character of the place is a bit like the billionaire who still shines his own shoes; out of the ordinary but still down to earth. The harbour is the defining feature of the city and from it the many canals spread like veins. As a result, there are more bridges in Hamburg than in Amsterdam and Venice combined.

So... the main point of the day for me was to see the churches of Hamburg, which included:
* St. Jakobikirche (Saint Jacob’s Church)
* St. Petrikirche (Saint Peter’s Church)
* St. Nikolaikirche (Saint Nicholas' Church, still burnt out from WW II, now an anti war memorial)
* St. Michaeliskirche (Saint Michael’s Church again)

Elke was excellent to have along for these since she is a treasure trove of knowledge about these Backsteingotik or Brick Gothic churches. I also went to the top of the towers of St. Nikolaikirche and St. Michaeliskirche which gave me a good view of the city. For St. Michaeliskirche I opted to take the stairs to the top instead of the lift and let me tell you, by the time you get to the top the view is an excellent excuse to not move and wait for your legs to stop screaming. Also, about half way up, you can see the mechanical movements that runs the clock tower (another excellent excuse to catch you breath).

I also had a look at the very impressive town hall before having lunch on one of the canals. There is a cafe that serves galettes with tables on a jetty that sits in the canal and has a fantastic view of the St. Nikolaikirche tower. As we were eating the tide came in and we slowly rose to see more and more of the tower. St. Nikolaikirche tower is all that is left of the church after it was severely damaged during the air raids during July 1943 and now stands as a memorial against war and persecution. The spire being just under 150 meters high served as a beacon to the bomber squadrons. This all occurred as part of 'operation gamorrah' where the factories and U-boat harbours were bombed during the day and residential areas were bombed at night in order to demoralise the German population. As a result of the bombings and the resulting firestorm, 32 000 were killed, 120 000 were injured and over 900 000 people lost all their belongings. Even though it was in breach of international law, it was seen as a proportional response to the German air raids across Europe from 1939 - 1941 however it shows the utter barbarism of world war 2 on both sides of the conflict.

Finally, to round the day off, we hopped onto on the many harbour tour boats which are long and flat barge like ships that ferry tourists around the harbour. This was pretty interesting as it included the old warehouse district as well as the new harbour were we came right up next to (it felt more like underneath) the massive cargo ships being loaded with containers. It was a very good look at the industrial
Hamburg pre-WW2Hamburg pre-WW2Hamburg pre-WW2

A painting of Hamburg's skyline before world war 2 hung in St. Jacob's church.
side of Hamburg.

Okay, the blog is now up to date to just before my few weeks of sailing. Bare with me as I have to sift through the 1800 photographs that I took over the last month and formulate it into an intelligible narrative.

Additional photos below
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The Hamburg town hallThe Hamburg town hall
The Hamburg town hall

Above the main door a sentence is written in Latin which translated reads: “May the descendants seek to uphold the freedom which was won by our forefathers.”
Fountain in the town hallFountain in the town hall
Fountain in the town hall

Or the courtyard in the middle of the town hall to be precise.
St. NikolaikircheSt. Nikolaikirche
St. Nikolaikirche

In world war 2, allied pilots used the tower as a landmark when they bombed Hamburg.
St. Michaeliskirche towerSt. Michaeliskirche tower
St. Michaeliskirche tower

Eat your Wheatbix before taking the stairs to the top.
St. Michaeliskirche entranceSt. Michaeliskirche entrance
St. Michaeliskirche entrance

The angle Micheal smiting a demon over the main entrance to the church.
The portThe port
The port

Where all the shipping action takes place
The skylineThe skyline
The skyline

Dominated by church towers and the town hall.

3rd September 2007

WOW! Man I so wish I was there with you man. Looks like you're having an amazing trip and all the architecture looks just incredible. I hope you're missing us, cause we miss you! Have a great day/night where ever you are! John.

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