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May 8th 2010
Published: May 8th 2010
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From Hamburg to Schwangau


... for the World Championships
On Monday, the Women’s and Rigids’ Worlds at Tegelberg will start. I will work there as a helper, which is great because it is always a good opportunity to see friends from all over the world.

So on Friday morning, I flew from Hamburg to Munich, where Christa from the German Women’s team picked me up. We also took a glider with us. It belongs to Claudia from Colombia, and the airline she had come to Germany with on Thursday had failed to transfer the glider from one plane to the next one in Barcelona, so the glider had not arrived until Friday. So Christa and I picked the glider up in the normal passenger terminal. It was funny to see people stare at these two women carrying a five metres long, 35 kg heavy carpet roll through the terminal and all the way to Christa’s car 😉.

In the early afternoon, we arrived in Schwangau, the village at the bottom of Tegelberg. The first place we went to was headquarters. And it felt like coming home, seeing everyone there. So many good friends, lots of hugs and smiles. I was all happy, it sooo good to be with them again! My

... hiding in the clouds.
great international family 😊.

After chatting to everyone, we went to our apartment and unloaded the car. I’m sharing an apartment with Rebi and Klaus from Germany and Claudia from Colombia. The rest of the day, we spent organising stuff for Saturday. The day was over pretty quickly.

Today, we started off early. I went up the mountain with Klaus and Martin, who will organise launch with me. The weather was really bad, Tegelberg covered in clouds at least half of the day. The temperature was around four degrees, so pretty cold. After a couple of hours up there, I was so cold that I needed a hot soup and hot chocolate. In the middle of May, just imagine that! Our task up at launch was to figure out how we could fit 44 rigid wings and 21 flex wings into the area behind launch where there is really not a lot of room. We worked out a plan, which took us all morning, but eventually, it all worked out. In spite of the temperature, there were some pilots who flew. Back at the bottom of Tegelberg, we had to prepare the landing field, write our plan down
On TegelbergOn TegelbergOn Tegelberg

Cable car station gradually disappearing in the clouds.
so that we can print it out tomorrow morning and get so much material ready. Now, it is almost 10, and I’m sure I will go to bed very soon...

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Mitsuko launchingMitsuko launching
Mitsuko launching

Pilot from Japan.
German team carGerman team car
German team car

...for retrieve. Sponsored by a car dealership.

... sitting in her dad's German team fan car.
Regina & CaroleRegina & Carole
Regina & Carole

... hiding behind promotion posters!

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