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May 17th 2017
Published: May 17th 2017
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Yesterday we spent most of the day touring Vienna. Because we had all been there in 1992 and seen A LOT of the city, we only took the included day tour then peeled off and spent the rest of our time wandering around looking at the sites. It has not changed much in the last 20+ years. Yes, it was still beautiful, but it was nothing new.. there was a lot of traffic in the city and we enjoyed a lot more learning about Sisi but that was the only new thing we learned. Then we took the subway back to the river and joined our boat. Nancy and John had a night excursion. Susan and I stayed on the ship.

Few people were at dinner, most went into the dinner that Nancy and John were on or to the Mozart concert. Susan and I had dinner with the Aunts. They were from Scotland and we met them earlier in the trip. They were friends that travel together, all have lost their spouses and travel together often. Oh my how we laughed. They picked on each other, we talked politics, US and EU and UK. They have a variety of views. It was fun and we stayed there several hours. We then went to our room and crashed.

Oh, we did have to pack… so, musical boats??? Well, you see the Danube is very high, it doesn’t look that high in most places but today we did see that there were places it looked close to the top of the levies.. well, there is this bridge near Passau and it is historical – so they can’t blow it up.. our ship can’t make it past the bridge. So , what do they do??? We actually were not on our “real” ship. We were on a sister ship. More on our morning in a minute. We all packed last night and put our suitcases outside the door last night. This morning we went on our tour. Most folks went to an abbey. We went biking thru small towns, vineyards and by the river. It was great. The bus met us after our tour. We joined the abbey folks and drove 3 hours with a lunch stop to pick up the sister ship. We have the same room, the same ship layout, just different crew. The passengers from this ship joined or old ship and will sail on to Budapest. They did a first class job of switching us and getting things moved. I truly would recommend Viking cruises… many of the cruise companies don’t have the sister ships so they are having to wait near the bridge in hope that the water level will recede and they will be able to continue. I’m glad we don’t have to..

We get on the boat and except for minor details, all is the same. We have another captains party, yea, more free champagne and a good dinner then we walk into town for a bit before retiring and (me writing this blog)…

pictures at another time..... I'm tired...


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