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December 14th 2007
Published: December 14th 2007
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Here's looking at you kid!Here's looking at you kid!Here's looking at you kid!

Esther and Jude...what else is there to say?!
As if the forthcoming adventure to New Zealand isn't enough, I couldn't help but hop on another plane and head out for some last minute travelling. So I find myself in deepest, darkest Munich with only Jish for company as I've had to leave wee Glynn behind in frosty old England.

Thejourney over here was grand and I would certainly fly with Swiss International again - good job too as I have to fly back with them! Actually in all honesty it was a lovely couple of flights to get here, changing in Zurich where I spent 3 hours in the company of shops whose merchandise I could never dream of buying without my own personal bank vault in tow. Just as well I don't have a great hankering for Gucci handbags or Tag Heuer watches.

I caught the Lufthansa bus from Munich airport to the main train station where a smiley Esther and my mum were waiting (my mum was smiling too btw!). A short hop on the underground and we were up in my sister's new flat before you could say "bloody hell, it's a bit cold, isn't it? It's bigger than her last apartment which is
Give us a kissGive us a kissGive us a kiss

can you resist these lips?
just as well as there's 3 of us staying here!

Yesterday evening we naturally all just sat down together and caught up on everyone's news. Esther then decided to sleep over at her boyfriend's so me and mum chatted into the small hours of the morning.

Today we had a nice leisurely lie-in and headed out late in the afternoon to visit some of Munich's best Christmas Markets. I was promised a mini version of the infamous Munich Bierfest but alas I had to make do with a free mini chocolate Santa and not a drop of beer passed my lips....

The markets were lovely with loads of fascinating stuff to buy. It was rather peculiar to see so much stuff from all over the world and worse still to see how much was being charged for stuff that we could have picked up on the cheap in south-east Asia or South America. Still, we did find loads of traditional German stuff which was what I was really after and lots of pretty handmade Christmas decorations are now nestled deep in my suitcase. It was shockingly busy as well as mega-cold in the markets and I swear
Tollwood Christmas MarketTollwood Christmas MarketTollwood Christmas Market

Like being at an outdoor exhibition.
I heard more British accents than I did German ones!

Tomorrow, Esther and me are off to F├╝ssen to meet up with my father and his wife, Franziska. That's the jumping off point for visiting the world famous Neuschwannstein Castle - that's the one you see in all the photos of Germany! Naturally, we'll be heading over that way so expect lots of cool pics, especially as it's supposed to be covered in snow over there.

In the mean time, enjoy a few photos from today's adventures and drop me a message if you have time as I'd love to hear from you :-)

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Getting FleecedGetting Fleeced
Getting Fleeced

You can't beat a good old fashioned sheep stand. They had the best glove puppets too!
Where's Jish Now?Where's Jish Now?
Where's Jish Now?

We just couldn't keep the old show-off away!
Pull the Udder OnePull the Udder One
Pull the Udder One

Possibly the best mustard and ketchup dispensers ever!
Pint of Wax Pint of Wax
Pint of Wax

Alas, not real beers but candles!
Hair today, Gone TomorrowHair today, Gone Tomorrow
Hair today, Gone Tomorrow

For some reason, the main show today was this weird hair and make-up thing. It was interesting to watch but not entirely Christmassy, if you know what I mean.
Deck the HallsDeck the Halls
Deck the Halls

Feeling a bit more Christmassy at the second market.
Tree DecorationsTree Decorations
Tree Decorations

They really do have some nice stuff over here.

16th December 2007

Trading places....
Jish and I plotted to find the best way to hide in your luggage, little did I know that he found a way and didn't tell me! Ooooh that little bear is in so much trouble when he gets back >:{ Glad to see that you are having a great time pollo and my love and hearty backslaps to everyone, Missing you like crazy. Glynnbo x.
20th December 2007

Stowaway Jish
I see that Jish is up to his old antics again. Still what do you expect from a bear with his background?

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