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October 7th 2007
Published: October 14th 2007
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Hamburg - Munich

Hippodrom TentHippodrom TentHippodrom Tent

Our first few moments at the festival
Well, sorry for the delay in blogs. I have been a little sick this week and trying to figure out the university system here. I am going to slowly catch up on the events of the last few weeks. However, what better to begin with than Oktoberfest!!

I planned the trip to Munich back in March when I found out that I would be coming this year to Germany. Going to the real Oktoberfest in Munich has always been a trip I have wanted to make. Thanks to Steve, we booked a hotel that he reccomended that was right next to the fest and then I looked up a tent and we made some reservations.

I left Hamburg with my friends Austin and Robert on Friday morning at 9 am. We had a direct ICE train to Munich, which surprisingly is only 5 hrs 45 min. The train was very lively the whole trip, our couple of trips to the cafe car were very entertaining and made us realize we should have bought a small picnic and case of beer as well. The Germans really do know how to have a good time. haha.

We arrived in Munich
First BeerFirst BeerFirst Beer

My first Oktoberfest Beer
around 2 pm and headed directly to the hotel to check in and meet up with the rest of the group. There were actually a lot of us, all staying in the same hotel. It was a lot of fun to see everyone after we had split up from Cologne. There wasn't much time to hang around and talk though, as 6 of us had made reservations at the Hippodrom tent at 5 pm for "Happy Hippo Hour". We scooted as fast as we could through the crowds and managed to make it to the tent only a few minutes late. We received "coupons" with our original tickets for beer and food to use, however we had to do it all in 1 1/2 hrs which was a challenge to say the least. The beers come in a Fass which is one liter of beer and is quite heavy.

Well, not much to say about the evening, we wandered down to some other tents after the Hippodrom and drank more beer. I managed to ride a few rides at the end of the night and had way too much fun. I was really hurting on Saturday, and it took
Hippodrom Tent TableHippodrom Tent TableHippodrom Tent Table

Our reserved table at the Hippodrom Tent
me a while to get going. I eventually shook it off though and headed downstairs for a fantastic included breakfast. We would sit there and the waitress would bring us as much meat, bread, jams, soft boiled eggs, tee, coffee, fruit, you name it...as we wanted. So we sat there for a couple of hours as people in our group cycled in and out. It was much needed recovery time.

After breakfast some of us headed downtown. I had one mission in mind, to buy a dirndl. These are the little outfits that you see just about everyone in Munich wearing during Oktoberfest. I found a shop for traditional dresses and men's outfits and was fitted into the dress, shirt, and apron. I love my dirndl!! I am attaching pictures for everyones enjoyment. I at one point told the shop lady that the shirt felt a little tight...she said "Its supposed to be that way" and proceeded to grab a couple of string to pull the shirt down a little more...my guy friends enjoyed that just a little too much.

We headed back to Oktoberfest that evening and straight to the Augestiner tent to meet up with some
At the TentAt the TentAt the Tent

Having a fabulous time!
friends. It was however a little hard to get in, so we eventually teamed up with a couple of young German girls waiting at the gate too. We told the security guard that he should let in 4 really cute young girls. He decided to consult his other security guard and then pulled out a coin to flip. we called heads and of course it was tails...but then he let us in anyways, it was fantastic!! We joined our friends at a table with some kids from Munich that they had met. There was lots of beer, a roasted chicken, and lots of song singing to be had during the evening. It was finished off with some roller coaster rides, which seemed like a fabulous idea at the beginning. But still a good time.

The bad incident of the weekend however was that my friend angela's purse was stolen while we were on a rollercoaster, with my cell phone in it. It is a long story and im happy to tell anyone that would like to hear it, but anyways, I am now with a new cell phone number which has been added to skype and facebook if you need it.

Sunday was spent filing a police report and checking the lost and found, lots of fun. We did drop by the Olympic park to check out the BMW museum. Unfortunately the new museum is not quite up and running yet, will be done next Spring. They did however have a smaller selection of cars to look at which was really neat. It was a late train back that night and we were all exahusted and at that point, i had lost my voice almost completely. I have spent the last week or so recovering, but the whole weekend was definitely worth it. Everyone should experience the real Oktoberfest at least once in their lives.

More updates on Hamburg and my weekend in Weimar to come this week. I promise. :-)

Additional photos below
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More FunMore Fun
More Fun

Good times with friends

I apparently thought this was a great idea, and had a fabulous time.
My DirndlMy Dirndl
My Dirndl

Love it
Our TableOur Table
Our Table

Fun at our Augestiner Tent table
Standing on tablesStanding on tables
Standing on tables

People love to stand on tables and sing

Viele Grusse von Oktoberfest! (Greetings from Oktoberfest)

14th October 2007

You already know what I'm going to say...
15th October 2007

You look so sexy in your little dirndl! Ha! Maybe Keystone's Bluegrass and Beer Festival next year will rekindle some good memories at Octoberfest! Sounds like you had a blast!
15th October 2007

Paige looks hot!
Paige you look HOTTT in your Dirndl! I want one! Haha... I am glad you are having so much fun! Love you!
15th October 2007

Glad you liked it
I am so glad you liked the Hotel Brack - it is the best little hotel 300m from Oktoberfest!- I can also agree that the rollercoaster can be a bad choice after schnapps and biers. PS- I vote we make the dirndl the official outfit of all women- ;)
26th October 2007

Having fun or what?
I'ts always great to hear from you and see all those great pictures. Looks like you have a lot of nice friends. We have snow in Aspen. See you Xmas. Love Uncle Roby
30th November 2007

Woah, small blogging site, we were in the same beer tent on the same evening...

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