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November 5th 2005
Published: November 14th 2005
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Bamberg's BrueckenrathausBamberg's BrueckenrathausBamberg's Brueckenrathaus

Bamberg's town hall is built on a bridge over the Regnitz River. It serves both as a town hall and occasional exhibition center.The 15th century half-timbered building falls all the way down the side of the bridge almost into the river itself. Hovering over the two bridges is the newer part of the Townhall, built in the 18th century in a garish Baroque style. The colourful frescoes on the sides of the building are just fantastic, and make this one of the most unusual and most picturesque town halls in all of Germany, if not Europe.Why was the Town Hall built on this *strange* location? The legend explains that the unusual construction site was chosen because the Bishop refused to grant the citizens a building site for the Town Hall that the citizens wanted to have. Maybe it was a good thing because the current Town Hall is magnificent the way it stands today and the location very different and unique!
Weekend before last we decided to see a little more of Germany and took a ride to Bamberg, about an1 1/2 hour drive north of Ansbach. Bamberg was founded about 900 A.D. and was fortunate not to suffer any bombing damage during World War II. A thousand-year cultural and architectural site, UNESCO declared Bamberg a world heritage city in 1976. It is a beautiful town with unforgettable small and winding alleys with picturesque views at almost every turn. A city of about 70,000, Bamberg’s residence brag that their city is built on seven hills like Rome, has a network of waterways like Venice, and that it’s Altstadt (Old Town) is as beautiful as Prague’s. Although we only spent a couple hours sightseeing, it is a place that we definitely plan on returning to for a more thorough visit.

After we left Bamberg we decided to drive to Wurzburg going through all the little villages enroute rather than taking the autobahn. We came into this relatively small town, Ebrach that had this huge church in the center of town. The Parish Church of Ebrach as it is known has a very plain exterior of gray stone blocks. The church, originally
A View of St. Michael'sA View of St. Michael'sA View of St. Michael's

Here is a view of the 11th century Benedictine monastery from the Neue Residenz's rose garden. Unfortunately, the roses were not in bloom.
was founded in 1127, by the reform order of Cistercians who sought to re-establish the rule of St. Benedict in its original austerity by means of seclusion, liturgical plainness, (hence, I believe, the blandness of the church’s exterior), and an ascetic style of living emphasizing manual labor. As plain as the church was on the outside, the opposite was true of the interior. It was mind boggling in that as you enter the church the interior walls became so alive in vivid colors. I don’t think my photos do justice to the colors and beauty of the interior.

It was wonderful driving through the German countryside at the height of fall. Germany is beautiful but in the fall all the leaves burst forth in flaming colors which are both beautiful and breathtaking. The area between Bamberg and Wurzburg is filled with vineyards, which produce some of the best German wines. Just outside the village of Volkach we stopped at Maria im Weingarten (St. Mary in the Vineyard), a church surrounded by vineyards. I was amazed by how different the colors of the vineyard leaves were. They formed a patchwork pattern along the hillsides. The fall colors among the vineyards
St. Michael'sSt. Michael'sSt. Michael's

This eleventh century Benedictine monastary sits atop one of the highest of the seven hills overlooking the city. The modern monastary was largely rebuilt after fire damage in 1610, and thus combines the architectural styles of the original Romanesque with the later, slightly less inspiring, Gothic. In the cellars of the front courtyard you can also find the Frankisches Brauereimuseum, which shows off the fine history of Bamberg\'s brewing industry, from the time of the monk\'s first beers to the modern day. (Unfortunately it was closed when we were there) Why is there a statute of what appears to be Mercury in front of the church? I have no idea except maybe as a speedy messenger service for prayers to God.
and the Main River that flows through the area combined for some great photos.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Additional photos below
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Overlooking BamburgOverlooking Bamburg
Overlooking Bamburg

Behind St. Michael's there lies a beautiful park and from this park are some fantastic panoramic views of Bamberg.
The Church of Four SteeplesThe Church of Four Steeples
The Church of Four Steeples

The church of St. Peter and St. George has four steeples and two main altars, one at each end. It is also the burial site of Pope Clemens II (who used to be Bishop of Bamberg) and is the only pope buried in Germany
Klein VenedigKlein Venedig
Klein Venedig

Klein Venedig (the Small Venice) is a row of beautifully ornamented and restored 19-century houses situated along the river Regnizt. This romantic area is best seen from the bridge of Brueckenrathaus.
Entrance to Alte Hofhaltung Entrance to Alte Hofhaltung
Entrance to Alte Hofhaltung

Adjacent to the Dom (Church of St. Peter & st. George) is the Alte Hofhaltung which was the residence of the bishop when the bishops used to rule Bamberg. Talk about an entry way!
A Quiet Scene in BambergA Quiet Scene in Bamberg
A Quiet Scene in Bamberg

This park behind St. Michael's is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the city. This view includes the church of St. Jacob built in the 11th century.
Street SceneStreet Scene
Street Scene

Beautiful buildings abound in Bamberg. This restaurant with is colorful shutters and flowers is just one example. By the way, the bicycle in front of the restaurant is a German Post (mail) bike found throughout Germany. Notice the double wheeled kickstand.
You whoo!You whoo!
You whoo!

The sculpture was in front of a restaurant we stopped at for lunch. You would think that the restaurant was trying to say it was a good feeder with this out front. Actually, the food was very good!
Bamberg Street SignsBamberg Street Signs
Bamberg Street Signs

While staying at the Bamberg Army Post I came across these street signs. The upper sign indicates tanks can only go in this direction (backwards?) and the lower sign indicates "No Tanks Allowed". Who is going to stop them?
The Parish Church of ErbachThe Parish Church of Erbach
The Parish Church of Erbach

This church was one of the most beautiful churches I have even seen.
Maria im WeingartenMaria im Weingarten
Maria im Weingarten

This church is surrounded by vineyards on all sides and is well named "St. Mary in the Vineyard".
Vineyards Along the Main RiverVineyards Along the Main River
Vineyards Along the Main River

Notice how the different colors of the various vineyard leaves form a patchwork pattern along the hillsides.
German Country RoadGerman Country Road
German Country Road

It doesn't get anymore beautiful than this!

29th December 2005

I spent 2 years in Bamburg and hated to leave. The culture the food and of course the great beer.
10th March 2006

17th May 2006

I spent much of my youth in the Bamberg area as my father was stationed there from late 1960 - mid 1963. I hope that more pictures are posted. Excellent so far.
18th December 2006

my time in bamburg
i was stationed their in 1968 thru 1970. what a place. i am from louisiana. in a company 3rd battion 35 armored. co's driver. i had the chance to see alot of the area. the small resturants. travel to old bamburg .the small streets. the town hall on the river. the castles. i just found pictures from the castle and the black bear that was once their. i sure want to go back one day.see it as a 60 year old.
19th January 2007

Great photos. I was there from 1987 to 1989, and mised a lot. Garcia from 2nd and 2nd. I be back some day.
16th April 2007

nice pictures
I was stationed in Bamberg 1975 to 1977,it was great,what a town,wish i could afford to back for a visit,nice pictures Charlie
26th April 2007

the foods and friends
I remember many good times in bamburg,really liked the food. The castles were unreal. My dad has wondered about an army friend that we can't seem to locate if anyone may know of Ralph K Ritz suppose to have been from Monterey, CA we would like to know. E J ANDERS,Clinton, NC. Thanks
2nd May 2007

I grew up in bamberg germany I lived there for 10 years. It is a very beautiful town and i miss it very much i hope you enjoyed your stay in my hometown
23rd August 2007

Bamberg visit:15-17 Aug '07
just wunderbar!
28th August 2007

Bamberg 1959-60
I was stationed with the 4th Inf in Bamberg in 1959-60. Great pictures. All mine our on slides, so can't send any in now. Great city to be in while serving with the US Army. Glen Butterman
22nd January 2008

Great place
I was with the 1st Armor Division in Bamberg 1974-76. Ah, the winters at Hohenfels, Graf and Miesau ... and the trips to Garmisch and Berchesgarten.
5th February 2008

was there from 1974-79, lived off base
as i worked at the Army Education Center on post, i had many german friends there, i wish it was that easy to make friends here in Ca. loved the history, anyone know: Eugene Pfiffer, Inga Szukup, Herbert Burkard , i still miss the place, went to little switzerland in franconia not so far away, many happy memories of old Bamberg....
16th March 2008

Kunigundenruh Strasse
Like many others- I too was stationed in Bamberg in the '80's. I had been in Crailsheim for only 6 months when they moved my unit to Bamberg. During my time there I had an apartment on Kunigundenruh Strasse- directly across from the "Green Goose". Our close proximity to the bar wasn't good for a young married couple. Anyhowwwwwww.........I really enjoyed my time in Stadt Bamberg. I've been back but would love to come visit and tour the city with my family now. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Tchuss!
24th March 2008

Was wondering
I served in the U.S. Army 1966-67 and stationed in Bamburg ,H.H.C.54th Inf 4th Armored Div. I think we visited a castle where Pope Clement was tombed. I was wondering if this is correct. What a wonderful city
5th August 2008

spent 4 years in the army in bamburg. i love it more than anywhere else in the world, thanks for sharing your memories
19th September 2008

Beautiful pictures
I grew up in Schweinfurt but was lucky enough to live in Bamberg for a year, to this day it is still my favorite city. I have been living in S.D. and Minnesota for the past 17 years. Your photo brought back some very fond memories. My last visit to Germany to visit my family in Schweinfurt was in 2000 and I made it a point to take the train to Bamberg for a day.
31st October 2008

i was in the army back then 1971-73, and i never went home on leave while i was there. i would like to return one day
11th November 2008

bamberg is the best!!!
myself and my two teens were stationed in bamberg starting in 1999.they did not want to leave their friends in i took them over there kicking and screaming.three years later when the tour was over, i took them back home kicking and screaming!!!!!!we loved it sooooo much! the food,the beer,the sights the fests. too much good stuff there! cant wait to go back,we miss it like crazy!!
5th December 2008

Memmelsdorf Residents/Bamberg 68,69
I was stationed in Bamberg 1st 54th. 68-69. A US. Brought My Wife Pam over, Lived in a wonderful house in Memmelsdorf. Had a 1960 VW. Loved the town. Have not been back but want to return soon. Remember the Glider rides across the plaza from the barracks. Chez invasion, great Knockwurst, warm beer, old town, 1 Mark=25 cents, 4 day admin leaves to Garmisch, 4am walk from Memmelsdorf to KP. More warm beer, xmas village ceremony with tree parade, bike paths along roads, community gardens, not many local males my father's age, It was much better then the alternative for an alread married draftee.
6th December 2008

I spent over 10 years in bamberg, ge with the Army. I really enjoyed the sights and the people. Anyone email me if you me! My time was from dec 95 to may 05. My twin brother is still, lucky him! ssg polasky
23rd January 2009

Stationed in Bamburg HHB 2/78
Stationed in Bamburg HHB 2/78 from Nov 1980 to Nov 1982. Still the most beautiful city I have been to since, and I have traveled alot. Great pictures. Keep them coming. My name is Charles Christian and you can email me at if you were stationed with me during that time. Always love to hear from old Army buddies. Peace.
2nd March 2009

My son is about to go to Bamberg with the 173rd. I have seen some pictures online and found this site - can anyone tell me about the accommodations for a PFC with the 173rd Airborne? Barracks, I assume, but the Army advertises 4-man apartment-style living now (March 2009) so perhaps????
5th April 2009

my son
My son left today for his first tour of duty with the army in Bamburg. Thanks for your lovely pics, it maks me feel better knowing he is going to such a great place.
10th April 2009

I love living in Bamberg.
I have lived in Bamberg of over 10 years, and have grown to consider Bamberg my hometown. I have learned to speak German at a reasonablly proficient level. Anyway, I have just started the "Bamberg-Tours" tour company and would love to share my personal experience with those curious enough to travel to Bamberg and enjoy a walk through a thousand years of history and world class culture.
21st April 2009

2nd Cav How Co 2nd bn
I was in Bamberg 57 to 60 and loved Bamberg.
26th April 2009

It was so beautiful
I was statined in Bamberg from 74-76 and I could not beleive how beautiful it really was. I was with 1/52 Inf 1st armoured division and we used to jump on a train to go to Nurmberg for a Mc Donalds hamburger. Ill never forget my time there. And the beautiful woman.
25th June 2009

need soon aspossible
I just camefromBabbergGermany where I got to Visit the churches. I am doing a research paper on these churches and would appreciate to send me as much information i cam have there was a church on the market that i did not know the history or the name of that church please send me information thanks janice Dezelich Bedford Virginia United States thank you
17th July 2009

22nd July 2009

been there
I was in Bamburg in1982 to 1985. What a great place to live!! If I ever got the chance to go back I would!! My husband was stationed with the 82nd airborn and was supply sarg. for 3 years while we were there. You must visit Appendorlf[ right outside of Bamburg] if you get the chance. The people were nice and were willing to help a mother of two who was new to the country with the langure barrier and all the new ways !!! Love the place and would go back if given the chance!!! Phylis Vassar.
7th August 2009

Alpha Co 1/54 Inf (Mech) 83-84
Yes, the best time of my life(so far) was spending 18 months in Bamberg. Remebering running to the dome after a night at The Zwiebel. Eating the wursts from the wagons and of course Graf, Hoens, and Wildchicken training areas. Got to travel Spain, France, Italy, Greece, GB, and all of this beautiful country. Will visit next year and can't wait to have an EKU Hefeweizen......Tchuss exactly "ALPHA GATORS ABOVE THE REST"
26th August 2009

I too was stationed in Bamberg Germany with Howitzer Battery 2/2 ACR from 1985 to 1987. I remember SGT Manville who posted January 26th, 2009. Bamberg was an absolute beautiful area to be stationed at. I remember the Hills of Bamberg, the river in Bamberg, the many bridges, the stone cobbled streets and walkways, just a life and ambience of the city of itself that no one in America can even imagine. Best times had in Bamberg was when Sgt Chin (Chinchitlertt) bought his BMW and we'd go explore every corner of Bamberg. To Manville, I was MSGT Reids Driver and then 1st Sgt Yarboroughs driver when he came along. If you remember me too, Nice to say HI!
2nd July 2010

i was in bamberg for close to three years. it was my finest time, the travel, and friends i made there will always be on my mind. 3/35 armor
4th July 2010

Loved it there
Stationed there 85-87 in 2/2 Cav, had a great time and met some great people that would love to find
14th November 2010

bamberg germany
i was stationed there from 66 to 69 3rd batt 35 armor loved it any body else there
19th December 2010

i loved it there
I was there from spring of 83 to spring of 85 and i loved it there and would love to go bak. I was stationed at 2/2 Calvary Unit . My e-mail address is if anyone wants to contact me . Thanks Raymond
10th January 2011

was in 3/35 armor from 73 75
was in hhq and c company was in commo would like to hear from anyone there at the time and there was a small guest house right off the post on the other side of the post from where the rod and gun club was had a girl worked there called sissy was trying to think of the name of it anyone that was there would like to hear from them at
30th January 2011

i was in Bamburg from '76-'79 , i loved my time there and the people i met and got to know..beautiful town and country around it. was with the 6th bat. 10th field art. would really love to go back sometime . it was an awesome place .
15th February 2011

Days gone by
hhc 2/54 -1966-67 batallion xo's track driver, great memories of bamberg.
9th March 2011

Bamburg 72/74
I was stationed in Bamburg from Feb. 72 untill Feb. 74 I was in Mech. Inf. 1st AD, Charlie Co. 1/54. I remember Bamburg well.
10th March 2011

loved it
'71-'73, Loved the city,moved off base and lived just pass the railhead. Ate the most food at Colosios. The girl I dated grandfather owned a barber shop and served as a tanker in Russia,Last name HoH. I've always hoped to holds some of the best memories of my life.
5th April 2011

I went to Bamberg in the mid 80's. I lived in a small town called Schesslitz for the summer months. I really enjoyed my time there. I met some German friends and was able to go to the German School in Bamberg. My time there was so amazing. I plan to come back to visit one day. It would be great if you posted some pictures of Schesslitz. Chi Megwetch (Big Thanks) for posting this site.
3rd June 2012

SERVED IN ARMY FEB.1968 THRU NOV.1968 HHQ 1st Bn 54 Inf. Medical , Loved my tour in Bamberg.
9th August 2012

I was stationed in Bamberg in 1st 54th infantry in the building to the left of Headquarters at front gate. I still remember some of the pictures. Hope to get back for a visit soon.
9th August 2012

I was stationed in Bamberg in 1st 54th infantry in the building to the left of Headquarters at front gate. I still remember some of the pictures. Hope to get back for a visit soon.
2nd June 2014
You whoo!

The story of the sculpture
The "Reclining Woman with Fruit" by Fernando Botero is very likely the most expensive sculpture Bamberg ever bought! Botero is a Columbian artist, living in North America and Europe for many years now. His paintings or sculptures all share one common feature: They are, well ..... lets say .... "chubby." Btw.... a "sister" of the "Reclining Woman with Fruit", the "Reclining Woman with Cigarette", is located in St. Petersburg FLA. For Boteros "big" equates with "voluptuous" and "beautiful." The reclining woman in Bamberg has an interesting story to tell: On 22nd of July 2005, she was placed into the Regnitz River near the Obere Brücke (upper bridge) using a floating crane. During the Week of Antiques, she was intended to become an eye-catching bathing beauty. However, things didn’t quite work out as planned: On the same evening, attentive onlookers noticed that the sculpture was resting on her pedestal at an oblique angle. The organizers immediately alerted the fire and water brigades, who sent divers to stabilize the 870-kilogram bronze statue – but all in vain. As was found out later, the pontoon on which the figure was mounted in the Regnitz had a little hole and thus filled the pontoon slow but steady with water. In the end, the sculpture had to be lifted to safety with a crane. Ever since, it has remained at Heumarkt, the place where You took the picture. There this lady stares off into the distance, lost in thought. Greetings from Germany Tom
2nd June 2014
You whoo!

The story of the sculpture
Thank you for the information about the sculpture in Bamberg. I always wondered how such a large bronze sculpture wound up in what appeared to be the back area of Bamberg. My wife and I are now back living in the states and miss Germany and all its wonderful villages and towns. Thank you again for sharing this information. Paul

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